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Joyetech EXCEED Edge honest review.
(04-17-2018, 06:12 PM)Crazybasil Wrote:  We have a social network called VK (, it's available in English too. It's sorta an analog to Facebook, but a little bit more functional. You all can check and register, if you want to. Most importantly, it acts like a photo host, if you post any - just copy link and insert it on any forum via "image" button.

If anyone wants to register there, feel free to add me: Register don't need any money and you can do everything right away. And the amount of users there is compareable with FB.

Edited: this is not a spam, repeat - this is not a spam! 大咧嘴 大咧嘴

I went there once months ago and registered but thats as far as I went lol/ I cant keep up to all these different places 无法决定 It would be so much easier if the social just allowed more space! I was 3 years or more learning here and just starting to get the hang of it lol
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