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Joyetech eGo AIO ECO honest review.
Hello, dear forum users! Today I want to tell you about the novelty from Joyetech - eGo AIO ECO device. The abbreviation ECO (which stands for Ecology, Conservation, Optimization) is placed in the name not by chance, it reflects the key features of the novelty - according to the manufacturer, the emphasis in it is on optimizing the battery and increasing its lifespan. Is it so? I'll tell you later. And first, I will look at the device itself and try to understand how such a compact body could fit such a wide-profile model, whose purpose is not only serve for beginners, but also for experienced users.
[Image: 180yf5BRJNU.jpg]

Love begins with a box, and for ECO Joyetech created a unique packaging. Using the device I had a feeling of "souvenir", a gift to the fans of Joyetech products. It begins from the unpacking, the retractable case welcomes the user, in which ECO itself is conveniently located. All the instructions, a USB cable, a spare coil and a bag with spare parts are resting under it. And, since the release of the eGo AIO ECO was timed to coincide with the decade of Joyetech, the design of the device itself also hid various references to the most popular models of the manufacturer and the milestones of the vaping movement as a whole.
Here you will find the racing stripes (it's a pity that there are not the same color combinations as the eVic VT), and the inscription "Keep calm and vape on" straight from the vape bands, and seven different backlight options (hello, AIO!) - changing them is very simple, just turn off the device and hold the Fire button, then choose the color you like: red, green, light green, blue, blue, purple, white, or turn off the light altogether.
The device itself is available in five colors - red, blue, black and gray (they will be coming with a white strip) and green (with a steel strip).
[Image: sESAQe9imeM.jpg]

In such a compact size those small details look more than appropriate: the device looks stylish and complete, without causing irritation or wrong feelings.

So, we have a vape pen, made as "all-in-one" - the battery and atomizer are inseparable from each other. With a diameter of only 14 millimeters this is absolutely not critical, and for easy cleaning, the glass can be removed from the tank. Refueling is at the top, new BFHN coil head plays the role of a air shaft, and all the free space between it and the glass serves as a filling hole . The tank will fit 1.2 milliliters of liquid: an excellent result for a device weighing only 37.5 grams and with a height of 113 millimeters. The liquid consumption promises to be very low, because the device produces a voltage of only 1.85V - it's about 6 watts when using the (so far) single available BFHN 0.5 Ohm coil. The coil itself is designed exclusively for tight cigarette-like inhale, without the possibility of adjustment (only with changeable top-caps, which are sold separately).
Naturally, it is necessary to pour a high-nicotine liquid (HN in the name of the coil head stands for High Nicotine) and Joyetech suggests to use nicotine salts. At the first test I have not found these salts yet, so used 50/50 classic with a nic strength of 6 milligrams.
[Image: 89qLwxBJuMI.jpg]

I checked and the data on the site - one refill should be enough for 150 puffs, and the charge of the built-in 650mAh battery is almost 350 puffs. A small minus is revealed - fast charging mode is not provided here, device manages the standard 1A charging current. I've had honestly checked the number of puffs I made, the result was as follows: one refill of the atomizer is enough for about 100-120 puffs, the battery has lived almost three refills, that is, about 300-330 puffs. Nicotine of 6 milligrams seemed still not enough for me, although a throat-hit and taste were very good. But then I have finally bought some nicsalt e-liquid and, oh boy, it was perfect! I have used 50/50 nicsalts with 35 and 50 milligrams strength - they do provide serious power to fill your body with nicotine and are perfect to use with AIO ECO.
[Image: D3ZSnCDMOe0.jpg]

In general, the parameters of eGo AIO ECO will make it not only a great option for those who want to get rid of bad habit, but also an excellent spare device for advanced vapers - it will come to the rescue in places where it is impossible to use a full-powered electronic cigarette, or help out in the moment when the battery of your main device is running out. The most delicious here is the price tag - this device is very cheap and easy to get.
This is a worthy alternative for any disposable devices. I still use ECO now and have absolutely no trouble (besides the price tag for nicsalt in Russia) with it.
[Image: banner1.jpg]
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