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Cuboid Mini Kit flooding and spitting
(05-22-2016, 03:18 PM)azwip Wrote:  
(05-22-2016, 03:07 PM)Boravik Wrote:  
(05-22-2016, 03:02 PM)azwip Wrote:  Howdy....before anyone gives up on this device...I had same issue on day 2 with my cuboid mini....I simply went to local vape shop...spent a buck or so on a tip that is's a bit adjustable as well....can change angle and spin it...anyway....anyways...still gurgles and tries to gets past the angle. Works great for me! I use .5 and set to 22 to 25 watts. No more burning my lip or getting fluid shot into mouth. I have not needed to install screens etc....for great! Lots of vape great flavor etc.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for reply
But no vapes at 20 25 watts ??

It requires minimum 50 to generate sufficient amount of vapes

Hmmmm...maybe I'm confused...looking at screen in mine..with .5 ohm coil....set to 22 w....I get plenty of vapor? Am I not looking at correct unit or info? Lol....again....I could be mistaken...I can set watts higher....but for me...I can't see through the vapor cloud with this unit... And these settings....mine reads: power22.0....volt 3.42....coil 0.51

Sorry if any confusion.

Ps...not using the notch coil

Hmm thats ok
I got the best vape on .25 ohm notch coil at 55 watt and aftre the puff boom hot liquid in my mouth


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