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FIXED: CUBIS Spitting & Burning Coil Issue

I have different solutions, perhaps less complicated.

When I started using the Cubis, it would flood the coil at every refill, causing gurgling for the first 5-6 hits.  So I thought about how this new top airflow system worked, and came to this conclusion.

The Cubis has a design flaw: the airflow control DOES NOT FULLY CLOSE!  and it really needs to.

Here's my solution to that: (picture links to a web page w/full details).  Has worked perfectly for me - 25 refills now with no more flooding or gurgling.

[Image: installed-small.jpg]

As for priming the coil, avoiding dry hits and all the twists & turns of steps 2-9. This works fine on the 1.5 clapton & 1.0 SS coils.  I don't use the 0.5 SS, but suspect it would work equally well.

Put drops into the coil as usual, but DON'T stop at 5 drops.

Watch carefully as you keep adding drops: each drop will soak into the wick.

When you get to a drop that DOESN'T soak into the wick: STOP!  The wick is now 1 drop over fully saturated, and you know how many drops it takes from your particular bottle.

Screw the coil on the chimney, and with the O-ring depicted above installed, blow into the drip-tip until a drop is expelled from the bottom juice feed holes (this is the last drop added, which over-filled the coil).

The coil is now fully saturated, not flooded, ready for immediate use.

Cover the drip-tip opening, screw the top on, remove the O-ring, vape away.  微笑


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