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What kind of Joyetech mods are you looking forward to?
What kind of Joyetech mods are you looking forward to seeing in the future? Such as,

What color do you like best?
My favorite color is Green, my wife likes the dazzling color. You should be sure though to always include silver, black, and bronze/copper colors to match the normal tanks on the market.

What kind of mouthpiece do you want?
Larger bore mouthpiece on the Solo is great at least for the larger box mods.

What function do you want to have?
I mainly use wattage mode, I wish there was some basic temp limit I could set in just the wattage mode that does not require a certain wire resistance setting. I do love the newer menu system on the solo, but some settings do not transfer into the wattage mode such as the menu's power setting. I wish when I set the power in the menu it would set the power for wattage mode operation.

What kind of appearance do you prefer?  Or other...
Not so much about appearance but: The top air inlet that runs through the coil center on the ECO is a design that needs to be looked at for the larger tanks such as the Air. That design can keep the juice in the tank insulated from the heat of the coil, and stop the coil leaking issues where juice comes out the bottom air inlet. I have another tank "Freemax Pure" that uses that design and a ceramic insulated coil and it does great.

Should you have any ideas please feel free to make comments. Any valueable suggestion will be appreciated.
Keep up the work you are doing on the menu system on the Solo, it is better and fairly intuitive. Include information to tell what happened, like on the menu wattage adjustment if it is adjusted it could say TC/TCR wattage below the numbers so I know i'm not changing the wattage mode wattage.
Bring the triangular wick holes from the ProC1 coil to all new coils, it has a capillary effect to draw the liquid to the top of the cotton when the liquid runs low.
I like the centered tank design on the 1st Espion, I like the long life of the 21700 battery for the Solo. How long would dual 21700 Batteries last between charges?


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