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How much money could you save by switching to vaping?
(02-18-2016, 08:38 PM)gfdeputy2 Wrote:  GPF I am just happy I am healthier that is #1
as far as cost savings: I smoked a pack to pack & 1/2 per day spent $6.50 a day per pack depending on where I purchased them
I DIY & purchase my liquids by the gallon. my last order 1Gal. VG, 1 gal PG, 500Ml of nic, 10 flavors & 12 glass 30Ml bottles
cost me $125
I spend avg of $75 on a mod (some were won most were purchased)
I would est my Mod purchases about $400
tank total $100 (most came as kits with the mods)
I do recycle (clean) my coils weekly still on my original most of my original coils after almost 6 months
$30 for spare coils

to be fair some mods I just wanted to have (some I wish I didn't) & most I have purchased & given to friends family to help quit smoking My pay it forward & just good deeds
& the liquids will last me a roughly a year (I give Juice to my brother & father)
so cost for vaping will go down but costs me less than $1.00 per 30Ml bottle

total of $730 for vaping
total for same time period smoking based on one pack a day I would have spent
so I saved in less than 6 months While helping other vapors & slight hobby/collecting almost $400

And the rest you spent on sweets, like me....


eVic VTC Mini & eGo ONE Mega VT Atomizer Tank

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