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How much money could you save by switching to vaping?
Outside of health concerns, one of the biggest questions smokers have around the subject of electronic cigarettes is how much money they can save from switching. As the cost of a pack of cigarettes is constantly on the rise, and a pack of 20 can now cost in excess of £9, smoking tobacco cigarettes is quickly becoming an unsustainable choice for a large majority of the public.

Whereas some people smoke more often than others and have cheaper brands, a simple guesstimate on a smoker having a ten a day habit of premium brand tobacco will spend well over £100 in one month.

Immediate savings from an e-cig
When looking to take the plunge into the world of e-cigs, the initial starter kit may seem like an expensive spend for something you aren’t sure you’re going to like or stick with. With this in mind it’s a good idea to test out your friends e-cigs prior to delving in and pick their brains over what e-liquid they vape and what the set-up of their e-cig is – this will help better inform you on some of the options available. Some smokers even like to try out disposable e-cigarettes to start with as they can last for around 400 vapes and give the smoker an understanding for e-cigs without getting into the nitty gritty of clearomizer’s and batteries.

If you do want to take the plunge into the world of e-cigs, Vape Superstore offer starter kits from as little as £8.99, with their best rated starter kit costing £34.99. Add in an 15ml bottle of £8 e-liquid which can last an average of ten days and this initial outlay soon starts paying for itself. This doesn’t even factor in other savings you’ll make such as lighter fluid or matches or chewing gum that come as part and parcel of a smokers repertoire.

Long-term savings from an e-cig
The above only looks at the immediate savings you’ll make, with a 15ml bottle tending to last a regular vaper around about ten days. With this in mind it’s easy to see how the savings can soon start to snowball month after month and free up more and more capital.

On top of this, if there’s a particular flavour you’re really into, buying your e-liquid in bulk can provide increased savings on top of the ones you’re making already – this is made all the easier as you can actively see how much e-liquid you’re getting through and what kind of time-period a bulk order will cover you for.

Other potential benefits
While there is a lack of long-term research into the benefits of smoking e-cigs as it is a relatively new practice, what little research that has been conducted points to the positive. Public Health England have previously announced that e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes by up to 95 per cent and a study by the London medical journal, Addiction, has also found that 60 per cent of people were more likely to succeed in quitting smoking by using e-cigarettes than previously available methods.

With this also comes a drastic reduction in smoking related illness such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema which can result in a knock on effect of time off work and having to pay for prescriptions.

So how much can I really save?
As discussed above, how much you can save depends on a variety of factors. There are a number of calculators on the internet that can help give you an idea of the kind of monetary figure you’ll save by making the switch and you can find a selection of them with a simple Google search.

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