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eVic VTC Mini screen issue
Got it in the mail yesterday sealed in an original box, checked serial number and it says I have an authentic device.

Well I put in my battery, five clicks to turn it on and I can take a vape but the screen is almost invisible, unless I'm in pitch dark I can't tell what it's showing. This is very disappointing to me as I was waiting a long time for the device to get shipped to me all the way to Alaska.

I contacted Joyetech at as well as the online store I purchase this mod from but still waiting to hear from either one of them. I tried upgrading the firmware to version 2.0 to see if that would by any chance solve the issue but it didn't help.

I'm seeking an advice to help with my problem. I am guessing I will have to go through the warranty exchange which I hope will be smooth and hassle free.

Any input from Joyetech representatives is welcomed.



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