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Still no Variable Voltage mode - HELLO JT
I'm happily vaping on a mod with Variable Voltage mode included in the firmware.

It's smoother and cooler. It does not matter if the atomiser coil resistance shifts a little.

VW(TC) is good. VV is good to have too. They both feel different to vape but BOTH are goof.

You may think that technically there is no difference between VW & VV but there is.


I can set voltage to two decimal places. e.g. 3.98V
You included custom TCR in the firmware, why not Variable Voltage mode?

I was one of the first posting how you should include a custom TCR and a SS setting years ago when VTC first came out.

VV mode wont be as huge as that but it will get attention. Enough for you to recover the cost of implementing it and JT will gain a reputation of including more options.

If you don't believe it makes a difference get a hold of an nx75 and test it for yourself. I don't like the mod but it had VV mode. I'd much prefer a Primo mini with VV mode.


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