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sub-ohm query
As gfdeputy2 said - one of the options is Cuboid TAP with ProCore Aries. It features one of the best atomizers on the market and comes in fancy colors. For newbie, though, it can be difficult to get along with TAP buttons.
I can suggest two more models - eVic Primo 2.0 with the same ProCore. Nice colors too, and a chance for DIY. You will have space for placing stickers and replacing the carbon panel with something. It's ergonomical design allows to be held with one hand, despite being a two battery mod, ranging from 1-228W. It have three simple buttons, one for firing and two for adjusting. Menu's are easy to understand.
Second would be Cuboid Pro with ProCore Aries. It's more expensive, but offers fully functional touch-screen, as in mobile phones. Wallpapers and screensavers are customisable. This mod is a little bit bigger, but it looks really expensive in your hands.
Here are both of this mods, with Cuboid Pro on the left, and Primo 2.0 on the right (tank on Primo is changed on demonstration purposes).
[Image: OMukVi60A4s.jpg]
[Image: banner1.jpg]
[Image: logo2.png]


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