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Primo Mini Heating Up When Turned Off
(07-20-2017, 06:04 PM)Vapin Wrote:  Well I got my Primo Mini a little over a month ago and was initially fairly happy with it.  The mod seemed to heat up a bit but I figured this was heat transfer from the atomizer.  Several weeks ago I noticed the mod often felt warm and the batteries were draining quickly.  Then I found the mod felt warm even when TURNED OFF!!  

So I tried some tests with various batteries to ensure it wasn't a battery issue.  Every time I put a new battery in this Primo Mini and shut it off after about 5 mins the mod itself starts to get warm.  This is WITHOUT an atomizer attached and TURNED OFF!!  The longer I wait the warmer the mod gets.  This mod is UNSAFE and DANGEROUS and I will no longer use it.  My son also got a Primo Mini and on his the charge port usually doesn't work and the fire button occasionally sticks.  

I sent Joyetech an email about this issue but of course never heard back.  This is the second Joyetech product that I've had issues with and will likely be the LAST Joyetech product that I purchase.   Not sure what's going on with Joyetech's quality control but my FACE is more important than saving a few bucks getting one of their products.

Hi friend, you should contact your retailer for some help firstly.
And one thing you need to know is that our dealers have the obligation to do this for end-users like you, it is the most convenient for you. If your retailer can't help you deal with the problem,  Please contact They will further assist, with this issue in regards to your defective mod.
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