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VTC Dual Issues
I've had the VTC Dual for about 6-7 months now and have run into some issues.  About a month or so ago I was getting the 'ATOMIZER SHORT' and 'NO ATOMIZER' indications no matter what atomizer I put on.  It also started slipping out of temp mode constantly.  When it was working if I pulled off the battery compartment and put it back on or did the same thing with the atomizer the resistance of the coil would change.  Generally up by .1 ohms several times in a row.

I tried building a new coil and updating the firmware and somehow eventually got it working again.  It started doing the same thing again yesterday and now the single battery compartment isn't even recognized.  It's sees the dual just fine.  I tried cleaning the contacts, switching batteries and re-installing the firmware again.  Sill the single battery compartment is not recoginzed by the mod.

I have it somewhat stable now with the dual battery compartment but not sure how long that will last.  Also the charge port is wonky and I need to wiggle the cord or remove and replace the battery to get it to work.  Which is odd as I've only used the charge port a handful of times.  I generally use an exernal charger for the batteries.

Now I realize these mods aren't going to last forever but I still have my first mod; an Eleaf iStick50; that I used for the first year of so of vaping.  It still works fine for the most part.  I'm thinking that there may be something wrong with the board or the firmware.  The part that's concerning me the most is the fluctuating resistance.  If it can't read the resistance properly whos to say that the protection will be in place when I need it.

I was thinking of getting the Primo Mini but I'm not sure that I still want to continue with Joyetech products.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.  


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