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eVic-VTC Mini Display Giveaway!!!
Great display layout by JesseBlue! Like it so much. If can make it rotate able 4 way layout that we can choose, just like 2 way option now..

By the way my wishlist are;

1. Material coefficient value can set by auto (prefix) @ manual correction.
2. Resistence (ohm) can be lock by auto (detected) @ manually (detected atomizer resistence value + or - up to 0.10ohm with 0.01ohm adjustment)
3. Hide of puff/time counter. Can be view by pressing fire + right button.

Maybe can also have
4. C-profile (control vape profile)
Off - for always vape-on
On - Heavy: firing time per puff max 2 sec, puff counter stop at 300, show
warning message and option to be reset to 0. (this counter are only
for h-profile mode, main puff/time counter are still countings)
Medium: firing time per puff max 1.5 sec, puff counter stop at 200, show
warning & reset count
Light: firing time per puff max 1 sec, counter stop at 100, show warning
and reset count.
(Max counter can be manually set for heavy, medium, light)
This c-profile mode just to promote option for quitters/health problem vapers/ who wants to monitor/control their vaping style.


Another thing is, can joyetech put welcome/boot logo and turn off indication. I think it a must to show perfection of build and to give owners know that his/her device are alive and in a good conditions..


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