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Manually set resistance?
I have a Cuboid 150 got this device a year ago. It began to develop a problem reading resistance after two months of use. At first it was like +0.05 to +0.09 but now after more than a year values +0.15 to +0.19 and I cant use temp control it switch back to Power mode.

I have ohm reader, evic vtc mini, even tried my atty to other Cuboid device all read similar resistance except my Cuboid. If only we can set resistance manually like some newer device in the market now and its a good additional feature for all joyetech products and perhaps may help fixed issues about temp control which cause by a faulty built-in ohm reader which most user unaware of it.


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Manually set resistance? - fastblur - 04-17-2017, 09:12 PM

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