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Tips for Stainless Steel coils
(10-10-2015, 06:11 AM)Vic-EVic-E Wrote:  
(10-09-2015, 08:42 PM)Smok_King Wrote:  Yes but Ti is the safest and easiest to detect.
Thanks to Joyetech TC devices. No oxidation if you keep temp under 300deg C.
If you still don't trust what you are vaping, you can always check the coil for white powder.
So far so good for me. Can't find any powder since I started 3 mths ago. The TC is doing a gr8 job.  舌

SS is not so easy. You can try it and let us know how you go.
If I were to try I'll go for the UD branded ones. Beware of some cheaper ones using galvanized steel wire.

I got some Ti wire, I've made a 0.15 coil which fires well, the first time and only the first time. If I disconnect the atty, select 'new coil' it works again, once. I have to take the atty off every time I want to use it


Have you tried vaping higher ohm?
Recommended to have it between 0.4ohm - 0.7ohm 眨眼

心JOYETECH - NO:1 Ecig brand 心


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