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eGo ONE eGo One Problems
(09-25-2015, 06:29 AM)NyYankees Wrote:  Having issues with the ego one. Leaking was the main issue but now the battery wont charge!! Piece of crap.

Brought it back to the place where i bought it. They fiddle with it trying to stop the leak from the atomizer. Problems continues. I did everything the "support" says to do but they were no help!

Also now the battery wont charge!!!

Who honors the 90 day warranty Joyetech or the place i bought it.

Joyetech takes forever to get back to you and do  not help!!

Waste of money

Dear Customer,
Please take a picture of your warranty card with the security code and S/N to Joyetech Service:
We'll help.


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