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My ego AIO won't stop popping juice at me!
So i really liked the eGo AIO when i first got it. The first one i had was great. I had broken so many vaporizer pens. A built in take made such good sense. But lately I've been having issues with it popping. And when it pops, I get a hot drop of ejuice searing in my mouth. I've tried everything. I switched coils(which I do weekly anyway), I threaded the top on slowly, I even did the qtip down the barrel trick i had read about and the dam thing is still popping. I also noticed it's been leaking around the base of where the mouthpiece goes. When all that failed, I bought a new one, thinking that maybe my original just needed to be replaced. Nope. Still doing it! What am I doing wrong?


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My ego AIO won't stop popping juice at me! - Aleino - 03-07-2017, 10:30 AM

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