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[New topic] Which kind of Joyetech products are you using?
Hi, I am using the eCab right now and lovin it. Love everything about this product, great small size, ease of tank filling, and that the batteries last thru the day for me, oh and love the mouthpiece. I use my eCab when I really want a cigarette, seems to fill the need for me! I use this out in public, and don't get the weird stares like with my MVP and eleaf isticks. I was almost afraid to purchase this because of reviews, but my vape needs are different than theirs I guess. I purchased 2 of these in the red(like the black tanks) and will probably go back and buy 2 more in pink!
I regret buying the MVP, too big and clunky and have only used it a couple of times, I like the istick10 and 20 much better, but not so happy about the mouthpeices on my tanks , and the draw of them, and if I turn up the volume the juice starts to taste funny, not so with the eCab ! Since only off of cigarettes since Dec 1,2014 after a 30+ year cig habit, I still crave smokes and the eCab has held those urges at bay !


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