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How many people won so far?
Nobody knows?
yeah dont know and i dont know what my prize is , i won last friday is it ego one or egrip or i dont know ahaha i want ego one so slim and i like the reviews bout ego one.
Not sure what I won either , but it has to be fabulous ..
It's joyetech 微笑 definitely hoping for an e grip lol
They will contact you asking which prize you want Ego One or an Egrip (choose Colour).They willalso want your name, address, phone number, so dont worry i have won 2 Egrips off them before and got to choose as well .Congrats guys

There been five winners picked each day at random since the contest started, so their have been quite a few and the last contest winners will be announced on here on Monday 大咧嘴
mmmmmh grats, hope You are enjoying Your egrip.
Not that I am jealous at all...but otherwise...maybe.
[Image: idCsPlr1j]
Congratulations to all the winners, I have joined in the activity but haven't win!
It seems that there are about 40 members win the game.


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