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one winner
Joyetechs Giveaway

is hot. I just hope people won't abuse and to gibe others a chance. my point is, Joywtwch, JouyetwchUSA, Jouyetwch UK, when a person win in any jouyeywch branches, he or she should not be allowed to join the contest,
example giveaway ego one, so he woman ego one on joyetech, then he she will join again in jouetech UK or joyetech USA my point is to gibe others a chance. he she will only be allowed if the giveaway is not an ego one.
give others a chance, I knew some owning won 2 or 3 of the same kind.
Joyetech, Joyetech USA and Joyetech UK are three different standalone companies on three different continent on Earth. Each player have the same chances to win as the other ones. Just like Lottery. And.. If one company would tell the other company who can win and who can't.. Erm.. This would be more than incorrect.
give others a chance, that's all.

my gosh can't understand my post I'm sorry just using a small phone,
that's just my opinion guys, I wanted chance yo everybody,just can't fathom why a person will win twice same product in joyetech or any giveaways. well I won guys yesterday, thank you Joyetech am so excited.
if you wanna win, be active invite your friends, make some post, comments, soon you'll be the next.
I don't know what my prize is but Im excited to no end, thanks thanks Joyetech, wish I could choose my prize hahaha.
after reading this guys, go ahead make a post be active, participate in the discussion be active and good luck. perseverance is the name of the game.
sure it would be great to be able to chose between the two - let's say - "vaping instruments", but as long as they both are reliable and versatile (eGrip with the RBA section, eGo One with the mod and tank section both useful in other constructions, eventually) I really don't care. thanks for the opportunity for Joyetech, goddess Fortuna for the luck I had - and you guys, keep on vaping, enjoy smoke ONLY at campfires and the classic Deep Purple song...
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Congratulations on your win!
(03-07-2015, 09:00 PM)RandiSantos Wrote:  Cigarette free since September 17th 2013 微笑

Congratulations on your win!

thank you sir, are you asian? i am.
Its not the winning that counts its the taking part, its just a bonus if you win. 舌 So congrats to every body that has took part and well done to the people who received the bonus.
when I read the latest colour ego one, I said to myself, I must join yes I already have one and waiting for it.

yes wanna win one but this time its not for me, for my mom, heard her talking to her friend yesterday, since her birthday is on march 26 and she hates the internet she had no FB or any , I decided that I must try to join and if I win, its for her.

so mom good luck and hope we win
I'm not eating my words that if a person should only win once per item in any joyetech contest to give others a chance doing this for my mom.

jouetech is very generous, contest just ended and again here's a new one, thank you Joyetech, i couldn't afford to buy the ego one, you know I'm in Asia. rhanks and good luck to all.
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