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eGo ONE Suggestion
I hope you read this in its entirety and take my positive criticism to enhance your products and reclaim your company as the best in the business.

First off Joyetech, you have hit it out of the park with the eGo ONE for me. I started out using your products years ago when all we had was stick batteries and cartomizers. In the beginning of mechanical mods and everything hitting the market I stopped buying your products and moved on to bigger and better things. I have since grown tired of rebuilding coils, charging separate batteries for mechanical mods and carrying around big box mods...

I have recently discovered your eGo ONE CLR coils. This is a game changer for me. Your eGo ONE device is great, it is small, simple, charges with micro USB which all Americans have and works decent.

My first suggestion is to redesign your eGo ONE tank and/or CLR coils. These coils, like I said, work decent. The .5 ohm coils do not perform as well as other direct competitor tanks. You describe it as...

The sub ohm coil can easily create huge vapor production. With its loose draw, it is perfect for any cloud chasing enthusiast.

These coils and the eGo ONE tank airflow wide open are ONLY good for mouth to lung. Yes, you can direct lung inhale but it does not perform as well as others like I've said. You can do better. Now, I ignored your device originally because you used throw away coils and lied about using organic cotton. The CL coils use some kind of fiber material around the cotton, stop telling lies or you will lose business. If you want to prevent dry burns, just put a huge red warning sticker on the box about priming the cotton with liquid.

Once I found the CLR coils you have started producing, I was interested. You are now using only real organic cotton and I can rebuild each one a few times before trashing it. I picked up your device locally and have been using it for a week. With some more tweaks to your tank and coil design for airflow and making sure these tiny batteries can withstand the sub ohm amps you will have a true market changer. You must make innovative products like these CLR coils and be completely transparent about the materials and quality control with your customers. We are going to take your products apart and with the Internet, everyone is going to know.

On a side personal note, I wish you would make a drip tip with a smaller diameter opening to further improve flavor. Also stop making so many colors and renaming all of your colors. You have so many shades of blue and different names for the same shade of blue. Just stick with the same colors and names. You need to get your ducks in a row and standardize your offerings.

All in all, just please tell us the truth and listen to us. Keep making those CLR coils and get out here on the web and tell everyone about them. You are back on track to becoming the king of quality Chinese ecigs and put an end to Kanger and Aspire. You have some work to do... 微笑
Thank you for your valuable suggestion and kind support.
We'll take into serious consideration. 大咧嘴


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