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eGrip RBA issues? - N - 03-11-2015

Hi all! I've read that some users have from small to serious leaking problems when using the RBA base instead of the prebuilt head with their eGrip device. Is that a fact, and if it is, how can it be solved? (I intend to purchase one RBA base, and before doing that I'd like to collect all infos about it.)

RE: eGrip RBA issues? - Marquz - 03-12-2015

Hello hope this may solve your problem.
eGrip was my first device with RBA and i had some struggle in the begginning i found out that i was putting to much cotton in it.
Try with less cotton and don't block the small holes in the (Tube) with the cotton.
hope it helped 微笑

don't forget to have everything screwed tight


RE: eGrip RBA issues? - rsfkevski - 05-13-2015

I've noticed that if I screw the RBA Base in too tightly, the small silicone gasket/grommet ends up going over the air shaft. I have a grommet stuck over my air shaft and it can be seen from the outside. Unfortunately, I can not get it out, after 2 hours of attempting. I just replaced the grommet with another from the original CS Heads and everything seems to be ok, so far!