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Evic VTC Dual - SS316L - MulaboXL - 10-17-2016


I just purchased the Evic VCT Dual and have to say is a very nicely made device.

However, I would like to know how you guys use it in SS316L TC Mode and also the custom TCR Values on (M1) for example.

The mod does not seem to fire more than 1 sec if I set it to:

M1 - 092 to about 108
50 Watts
Coil : 0.37 Ohms Avocado 24
Temp: 260F

However if I turn up the setting to the ones below... it works fine
M1 - 140
50 Watts
Coil : 0.37 Avocado 24
Temp : 480F

So... just wondering if I'm doing it right because with my Therion DNA75 - 50watts at 260F fires just fine with the same atomizer. Seems like the Evic VTC dual needs to be set to a higher temperature to work well.

Would be cool if anyone can confirm this.