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Firmware V5.04 - Hoppy59 - 09-02-2016

Just done the new Firmware update on my VTC Mini.

Simplified New Interface. If you have bad eyes like me it is really hard to read the displays now. I can read the Temp but all the other info in the little white circles means I need to carry my glasses with me all the time now if I want to change them. 困惑

RE: Firmware V5.04 - Lord Blob - 09-09-2016

They have changed the UI back to the old style in Version 3.04.
The Circle UI is a stupid Idea, to illustrate that I have removed the Circles.
They add no value but take up space.
[Image: iyTP6NX.png]

RE: Firmware V5.04 - CosmicTruth - 09-11-2016

update your device again from but choose the previous version, you get the previous interface with the preheat functionality.

eVic VTC Mini:
Latest Version: (VT Software1.20)
Firmware V5.04 <---------- new interface with preheat
Firmware V3.04 <---------- old interface with preheat
Date Updated: Sep 08, 2016

RE: Firmware V5.04 - Kermit - 09-12-2016

We're now offering two versions both with the preheat for you to choose. Thanks Cosmic.

RE: Firmware V5.04 - poetbil - 09-12-2016

(09-12-2016, 03:49 PM)Kermit Wrote:  We're now offering two versions both with the preheat for you to choose. Thanks Cosmic.

with any respect ,this was a very minor upgrading
Could you at least ,make LOGOS to occupy the hole screen (after 7-8 sec)

And another good idea is to make a little routine that
enables and disables Mod
,after a user set interval,
helping an over-vaping type like me ,to be a moderate one

Greetings from Salonika Greece

RE: Firmware V5.04 - Mape - 09-29-2016

Hi, i'm new customer of a vtc mini with tron and updated firmware 5.04.
I have some issues to change mode in to TC...
When i go to tc mode, select SS, i cant set the temperature... everytime i push the fire button automatically switch to VW mode...
Help me plz!!

RE: Firmware V5.04 - MicroSur - 09-29-2016

Mape, better check your SS coil for compliance with TC mode.