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RE: notch coils driving me crazy - Stinger - 08-14-2016

Cosmic, can you shed any light on the different notch coils?

RE: notch coils driving me crazy - CosmicTruth - 08-14-2016

(08-14-2016, 12:58 AM)Stinger Wrote:  Cosmic, can you shed any light on the different notch coils?

I cannot, I just got some BF Notch for CUBIS, but haven't tried them. The only notch I have tried is the one for Crown, and the cotton wore out about the same time as a regular coil.

RE: notch coils driving me crazy - alaafikry - 08-15-2016

(08-14-2016, 12:24 AM)CosmicTruth Wrote:  Use this to configure TCR for your coil metal type:
[Image: eVic-VTC_04.png]

So for instance for TI coil make M1=300 M2=350 and M3=400
then try them, you get a lighter hit on M1 and a full heavy hit on M3

Thanks Cosmic

RE: notch coils driving me crazy - peter-k - 08-15-2016

(08-12-2016, 07:06 AM)alaafikry Wrote:  
(08-12-2016, 12:23 AM)Stinger Wrote:  ... snip

The typical notch coil (5-pack) is inconsistent.

The first one I used worked fine: good vapor and flavor, but NOT as good as the Cubis Pro coil.  Some minor spitback, but only after refill.  Used it for 18 days, then went to change it ...

Installed the second coil, registered at .25 ohms, locked it in:  got NOTHING, barely a wisp of vapor, thought it was a dud, so pulled it for another ...

Installed the third coil, also registered at .25 ohms, locked it in: NADA, same as #2!

So I switched to Wattage mode, 45w: BOOM, worked great, lots of vapor, so clearly something awry w/TC mode.

Out of curiosity, began fiddling w/TCR modes: at TCR of 150 (factory is 120) it worked great!  So I kept using it that way.

But ... over time it kept getting hotter and producing more vapor!  So I switched back to ss316 mode, and it was working MUCH better.  W/in about an hour, it was working great!

My conclusion: SOME (not all) of these notch coils have a very long break-in period.

My Solution:  use them in WATTAGE mode initially, then after some time/number of hits, switch back to TC mode.  Keep trying until it works as expected.

I've used 5 notch coils in total so far:  have never noticed any unwanted/unusual taste.

But it's clear they have QC issues.

brilliant , stinger , i never thought to check something like that . i assumed that there is some standards that is used for all coils of same  type , either they are on box or sold separately. i checked my coils and found same

any explanation  from Joytech team representative here ?

I am not Joyetech staff but I have one to offer.
The liquid ports on the notch coils are upright slots. Once the liquid level gets lower the vacuum gets broken, a very basic design mistake. The other coil types where the liquid ports are lower don't have this problem.

notch coils driving me crazy - DDavidtenlyMEN - 12-23-2016

Well.. Ok so now Steam seems to be installing "ValveTestApp206410". I suppose I can live with it being called by the wrong name but for heavens sake where is any support from Valve/Steam?