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Joyetech TEROS review by Ippolit - Ippolit - 06-17-2018

Joyetech TEROS

Review by Ippolit.

You are going out for the evening, perhaps to the pub, a bar or restaurant. Slipping into your Italian suit jacket takes but a moment.

Remembering your mod, you grab it before heading for the door and thrust it into your pocket, it only just fits. Checking the mirror you realise it looks like you have a bag of potatoes in your otherwise sleek jacket…..  

Been there?  Well I haven’t!  I’d be far more likely to drag on my grubby but beloved denim jacket….  nevertheless your favourite mod is a big lump to take along whether you are in a T shirt, a slim fitting Italian jacket or only carrying that tiny purse.

Fortunately vapes that use pods or cartridges are often ideal for that very situation, being slimmer and generally lighter to lug around.

Even more fortunate, Joyetech have developed a new all-in-one pod vaporiser - the TEROS. There is nothing slimmer, more convenient and functional. It’s stealthy too, as it fits into the hand and is barely visible in use.

....  And it’s beautiful!

[Image: 1Zy0SWO.jpg]

This is the black version, there is also a silver and… but lets revel in this stunning black TEROS for a wee while longer. It’s a very black black 8)  Glossy but not overly so… and it is very, very slim despite the strong metal construction. It fits in a formal jacket pocket or that Gucci handbag without leaving a bulge, you won’t know it’s there.

But when you need it the 480mAh built in battery will last all evening and longer owing to the built in Joyetech ECO technology that makes the most out of that battery. When you want to refill the cartridge, that’s very simple, just ease out the bung on the pod side and there you go. You will see that the coil is built in, so no mess, no leaks, when needed just change the cartridge, they are priced at the same level as coils.

[Image: sp4ZS4g.jpg]

[Image: yJ86iAU.jpg]

So your TEROS is filled with your favourite liquid ( …. not too full now!), you charged the battery via the mini-usb so you only need to hit the fire button to vape.

Only you can’t, there are no buttons. Yup, zero things to push. In fact the only things to mar that delightful black surface are a tiny LED that shows the battery level, the mini-usb port on the side and a small and subtle “TEROS” near the bottom on one side and “Joyetech” on the other.

[Image: zKyoXUC.jpg]

NO buttons because Joyetech have fitted their new air pressure sensing system, raise TEROS to your lips start to vape and it’s on! The green LED confirms that the battery is fully charged and you experienced the surprisingly full cloud and wonderful flavour. Then it turns itself off, but it’s just waiting…. convenient and beautiful.

[Image: reqyaMl.jpg]

If black or silver are not your style, there’s more -

[Image: 6tGio9W.png]

The Photochromic versions move between being white and pink, or yellow and red as the light changes, subtly, it doesn’t flash, you have to see it! The Thermochromic versions sense the temperature of your hand and the ambient temperature and change from red to yellow, or purple to red.

Simply beautiful, everyone needs a TEROS. If you are an experienced vaper it’s ideal for the evening or a weekend away, if you are a newcomer- it’s so simple you can’t go wrong! I can’t fault it, I’ve been using it for days and it hasn’t let me down.

[Image: 2jxU0x1.jpg]

In the box: the main unit that houses the battery, two TEROS cartridges, USB cable, warranty, warning card and a slim manual -there’s not much to learn- it’s automatic! I received 2 carts in my box, ideal for carrying 2 flavours or just as a spare.

Some technical things —

Size: 90.0*29.0*12.0mm
Weight: 57.5g
E-liquid capacity: 2.0ml
Output modes: 1.85V constant voltage ECO Technology
Battery capacity: 480mAh
Colors: Silver, Black, PC1 (white-pink), PC2 (yellow-red), TC1 (red-yellow), TC2 (purple-red)
Colors: PC= Photochromic, TC= Thermochromic

Did I say that the TEROS is beautiful?  Go and get one, they are not expensive, then enjoy  8)

TEROS at Joyetech

RE: Joyetech TEROS review by Ippolit - CosmicTruth - 06-18-2018

Thanks for your review!

RE: Joyetech TEROS review by Ippolit - Ippolit - 06-18-2018

Thanks for the kind words Cosmic!

Also posted the "noir" image on my Instagram here

RE: Joyetech TEROS review by Ippolit - bey1012 - 06-19-2018

Grate review 微笑

RE: Joyetech TEROS review by Ippolit - Ellen - 06-19-2018

wow, nice review! Well done @Ippolit 心

RE: Joyetech TEROS review by Ippolit - Ippolit - 06-19-2018

Thank you both, this is the best small vape I have ever seen! Tactile, functional yet beautiful 8)

RE: Joyetech TEROS review by Ippolit - Liz (glizz) - 06-20-2018

good job me your ig so I can follow you 酷

RE: Joyetech TEROS review by Ippolit - Ippolit - 06-20-2018

Thanks Liz, will do. I've only just started with instagram, I've avoided it up to now, but with reddit gone mad I'm giving it a try.

RE: Joyetech TEROS review by Ippolit - Crazybasil - 06-22-2018

That's some great work, friend!