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Joyetech ESPION Infinite honest review. - Crazybasil - 05-14-2018

Good day to you all, dear forum users! There comes the long-awaited and, I hope, a warm summer - it's time to met the unique sunsets and dawns outside and enjoy every single of them. Dimensional tranquility of sleeping cities remarkably motivates for walks in night parks and embankments, for contemplation of the darkened streets and bright lights of city centers. Who can (or can not) become a wonderful companion for such good times?
[Image: qw0gRhs5XTg.jpg]
So, in front of us is a box with Joyetech ESPION Infinite, equipped with an atomizer ProCore Conquer. The box is not simple: an outer layer of thick paper with the image of the hero painted in the corresponding color, beneath - a cardboard rectangle with all of the contents. From the box into the light of the world an amazing box-mod with a black abyss instead of a display and a fancy bubble-glass atomizer are born.
[Image: udZYJAjHFPo.jpg]
ESPION Infinite is a big box-mod. It works on a pair of 21700 batteries (or 18650 - with the help of pretty high-quality silicone overlays). Its height with the ProCore Conquer atomizer is 140.5 millimeters, and 89 without it. The device width of 33 millimeters is capable to settle on a tank up to 30 millimeters in diameter without any overhangs, the connector is centered and spring-loaded. And finally, the length of the device is 49.5 millimeters. Infinite is very weighty, but most of its weight depends on the batteries used. The kit may or may not include two Avatar 21700 batteries with a stated current output of 40A and a capacity of 4000mAh. Inside the box you will find a ProCD 0.15 Ohm coil with a heating element made from the mesh, an USB cable with quick charge support, a spare transparent bubble glass and a bag of o-rings for the atomizer. The second coil, ProCA 0.4 Ohm, is pre-installed in a ProCore Conquer, having a diameter of 25 millimeters and the capacity of 5,5 milliliters.
[Image: SxC1erwUVI8.jpg]
ESPION Infinite has a small colorful display with the ability to choose the color of the interface, can work in all modes, excluding Bypass ('cause, you know, Bypass and batteries connected in series are not quite like to work together). The maximum power of the device is 230 watts, the maximum voltage is 9V, the maximum current output is 50A - everything is standard. The devil lies in one detail - the minimum supported resistance in all modes is now 0.05 Ohm. And, of course, Infinite supports fast charging with currents up to 2A and has a built-in charge balancer. More details with the characteristics can be found on the manufacturer's website.
[Image: 2esjnhx6FhU.jpg]
Before walking, the beast must be fed. With the atomizer, everything is standard - already familiar disassembly scheme for soaking the coil and the usual sliding top cover. We disassemble, soak, assemble, attach it to ESPION – it's all set. As for the mod, the battery cover is massive and reliable: snap it off and either remove the protective stickers from the pre-installed batteries, then install them, observing the polarity, or install your own batteries. The most interesting begins after that - the abyss wakes up and is lit up by millions of iridescent lights. In the heart of a huge shimmering lake lies the 0.96-inch island, which displays the current settings and time. The abyss is controlled by you and has a lot of modes and colors: everything that has to do with it is in the menu, navigation is carried out by methods, familiar to any vaper. Here, in the design of the device, minus is hidden - the adjustment buttons are located on top, near the tank. This can be a little bit annoying and can cause problems when working with atomizers prone to leaks. USB connector is the same - it is also located close to the top. However, there is no leakage from the ProCore Conquer, the reservoir is sealed even with a pretty weared up coil.
[Image: 9McjxfxR0Pc.jpg]
Let's return to the unique and unparalleled lighting. This is not a loud statement, but a harsh reality - no one from competitors even got close to such a richness of colors and creating a tunnel effect, after which Infinite got its name. The whole area of the front panel as if rushing inward, whirling in a whirlwind of crazy combinations of color and form. The backlight can be active only when Fire button is pressed, synchronized with the display, always on, or off, but who would ever want to do that? Of the modes, except for various fixed variants, the Random parameter is interesting, demonstrating to everyone all of the ESPION capabilities in a random order. Of the pleasant little things in the settings - the absence of tenths in choosing the power. Miracle from Joyetech can show the time in the switched-off state - just hold down the main button. It was not without a strange minus in the work of lighting - if you suddenly wished that it was synchronized with the display, then be ready to turn the face of Infinite into a dark corner when charging. The device will demonstrate the process of charging the batteries on the screen and light-up everything in the process.
However, all these shortcomings pale, it is worth you to get ready for an overnight walk. Boldly proceed to the planned promenade, because the summer is too short to deny yourself in simple pleasures. The battery charge is more than enough for the whole night.
Joyetech ESPION Infinite functions just perfect. The response to a button press occurs in 25 milliseconds, after which the life-giving electricity starts the process of noble evaporation of the aromatic liquid with one of two most delicious coils in the ProC line. Each element of the structure is securely fastened and fitted to each other. For their money, the ESPION series continues to be one of the most qualitatively assembled in the segment. Infinite - large, high-quality, heavy, functional and bright. Go get one right now if you love it. Oh, yes, and on its back panel there is a reference for fans of the Star Wars - a trifle, but nice.

Many thanks to all for your attention and more bright moments in life!

RE: Joyetech ESPION Infinite honest review. - CosmicTruth - 05-14-2018

Great review Basil, and some fine photos too!

RE: Joyetech ESPION Infinite honest review. - Ippolit - 05-14-2018

Fabulous, great photos as always! Looks like spring on the Moskva River Embankment now 8)

RE: Joyetech ESPION Infinite honest review. - Crazybasil - 05-14-2018

(05-14-2018, 06:40 PM)CosmicTruth Wrote:  Great review Basil, and some fine photos too!
Thank you! Trying my best!
(05-14-2018, 08:59 PM)Ippolit Wrote:  Fabulous, great photos as always! Looks like spring on the Moskva River Embankment now 8)
Thank you! Yes, it's spring all over now =) You seem to know the place well =))