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Good Job Joyetech! - poeticwil - 03-06-2015

Thanks for the nice forum and your great giveaway! I'm looking forward to trying the Delta II. I hear good things about it. 微笑

RE: Good Job Joyetech! - nat_vape - 03-06-2015

The Delta II sounds awesome. I may have to pick one up as well. I need a new tank anyways lol.

But I most want to get a eGo ONE. REALLY bad lol. I will have it one day lol

RE: Good Job Joyetech! - EThompson81 - 03-06-2015

I heard the Ego One just blows away the Aspire Sub Ohm tubes. Joytech is top notch

RE: Good Job Joyetech! - reszaak - 03-06-2015

The delta II is great, I would love a egoOne to try out, have heard nothing but good things about it

RE: Good Job Joyetech! - RandiSantos - 03-07-2015

I would be so happy to win.... I heard alot of good things about the ego one n the delta.

RE: Good Job Joyetech! - MBAdept - 03-07-2015

Just would love to compare the Delta II to the Aspire Atlantis. I guess joyetech could win this.

RE: Good Job Joyetech! - Becky Debelak - 03-08-2015

Ego one is on my wishlist.

RE: Good Job Joyetech! - lee091079 - 03-09-2015

Its not the winning that counts its the taking part, its just a bonus if you win. 舌 So congrats to every body that has took part and well done to the people who received the bonus.

RE: Good Job Joyetech! - MBAdept - 03-09-2015

And if You do not win, You are taking part in a surprisingly good working community so far 微笑

RE: Good Job Joyetech! - ram - 03-12-2015

tough choice between ego one and egrip oh but at the last minute I choose ego one, lived its reviews, think its easy to use, waiting for my ego one.
but evic is in NY wish list want it, my ultimate dream kit evic, the latest evic.