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ESPION with ProCore X honest review. - Crazybasil - 01-11-2018

Hello to dear forum members! Things are busy around these days, so I will keep it short - ESPION Kit is a must buy. It's a legend of it's own, solid, beautiful, powerful and quality.
Don't need to discuss the atomizer - it's the same ProCore Aries with 2ml and 4ml options stright out of Remix. Same great taste, same easy operations.
Mod itself features one of the best designs ever made (specially if you are into retro-style), great production quality, great functions and ergonomics. But the paint on my tank was chipped, and as I wrote in my email about EXCEED BOX before - package for atomizer must be changed. Also, please change ProC1-S coil from the kit to ProC3 or ProC4 - they are more suited to fit such powerful mod.
Otherwise, everyone who see this combo in my hands wants one instantly. Joyetech killed with this one.
Sorry, no photos yet, as weather in Russia is as bad as it can get. Everyone, stay healthy and safe!

Edit: at last, some good days! Enjoy!
[Image: D9D3-Evq5EI.jpg]
[Image: ktZey4kVOnI.jpg]
[Image: 02jkFDx9H9Y.jpg]
[Image: 6f66jOQLpKE.jpg]

RE: ESPION with ProCore X honest review. - liz - 01-17-2018

thats some beautiful photos!!! and yes its a beautiful kit! I haven't been using much else since I got mine!