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CuBox AIO honest review. - Crazybasil - 09-25-2017

I love this tiny device. It's very small and lightweight. Sample packaging had some issues, resulting in light paint damage. Cubis 2 and ProC-BF coils are great, they are good enough for MTL and give a rich flavor on 50/50 e-liquids. I'm a little dissapointed that I can't change the color of LED lights in tank like it was in eGo AIO. However, there is a very handy battery indicator on the top of the device. Overall - CuBox AIO is a very good device for those seeking a small, stealthy device or for people trying to make a switch from tobacco. If you have a senior in your family who needs help to quit smoking - try presenting them with this device. Refilling, changing coils, charging are easy. Thank you and have a nice day, everyone!
[Image: 8DD0WNf1Evc.jpg]