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Russian Minzdrav e-cig ban 2018. - Crazybasil - 08-30-2017

Hello, we here in Russia are ready to face an e-cig ban issued by government organization Minzdrav. It's an absurd in many ways, here, take a look at what will become with vaping in Russia. From May 15th, 2018 the following will take an effect:

E-liquid production:

Certify and clarify contents of the produced e-liquid,
Restricted nicotine volume,
Restricted bottle volume,
50% of the package must contain warnings and illustrations.

Shops and distribution:

Forbid any forms of discounts, free giveaways and degustations,
Forbid to put on display any kind of e-liquids and devices,
Forbid to vape in vapeshops and vapebars,


Forbid any kind of marketing activities, including advertising,
Ban vape expos and festivals,
Forbid to show vaping in films, serials and music videos.


Can only vape at specific places.
Indoor usage is not allowed.

Many people involved with the industry are trying to postphone this law now, but we greatly doubt our success. There are many companies with great influence on the gov, who wants vaping dead.

RE: Russian Minzdrav e-cig ban 2018. - louiesquared - 09-01-2017

That Sucks!

RE: Russian Minzdrav e-cig ban 2018. - Anastasia Liu - 09-01-2017

This is very bad news for all. 悲伤