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eVic VTC Mini "hidden" screens - Llama - 10-08-2015

It might be a good idea to have all the key combinations that are not indicated in the manual in one place.

With the device turned off (when it turns on just keep clicking until you reach the count):
  • 10 clicks on Fire: shows the VTC's internal temperature.
  • 20 clicks on Fire: shows the current firmware version.
  • Long press on - and Fire: shows the current battery's charge voltage.
  • Long press on + and -: changes the screen orientation.
Don't hesitate to add some if you know something not listed here.

I think it's possible that some could appear or disappear along different firmware versions, this is for 1.10

RE: eVic VTC Mini "hidden" screens - Kermit - 10-08-2015

lol, you're awesome. But the third one I suppose may appears stealth on/off 舌

RE: eVic VTC Mini "hidden" screens - Llama - 10-08-2015

What do you mean ?

RE: eVic VTC Mini "hidden" screens - Madboy - 10-08-2015

To obtain the current charge state you need to lock the screen (5 clicks) and then Press Fire and the - (minus key). If you do not lock the screen you will put the device into stealth.

As the OP has stated when the device is "off" the functions are available.