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  Joyetech eVic Primo Fit honest review.
Posted by: Crazybasil - 06-22-2018, 02:37 PM - Forum: Products Review - Replies (3)

Hello, dear Social!
Today I will tell you about Joyetech eVic Primo Fit - an unexpected re-imagination of the popular box-mod line. You can unmistakably guess external features of the Primo model range, but there are more differences than similarities between the new and the old.
[Image: 9jq5HV--Il4.jpg]
You can choose from four colors - black, blue, steel and dazzling. All of them are painted with a pleasant and slightly rough to the touch matte paint, and the last pair has varnished inserts of the chosen shade, besides the black ones. The word "Fit" is present in the title for a reason - it's the smallest Primo in the family. It's weight with an atomizer is a little less than 200 grams with a height of 104.5 millimeters, a width of 22.5 and a length of 40. The device is designed for atomizers with a diameter of not more than 22 millimeters.
Fit received a built-in battery with a capacity of 2800mAh and a function of fast charging by currents up to 2A. It is the use of a built-in battery in the design that has made it possible to dramatically reduce the dimensions: this baby can easily "fit" into any pocket. The kid has an updated board, which provides resistance support from 0.05 Ohms in all modes and 25 milliseconds response. It is capable of operating in the power range from 1 to 80 watts and has a limit on the maximum output current of 25A.
[Image: aqNEemoCd4A.jpg]
The logic of menu has changed a little - it has become more intuitive and easier to master. Inherited from the older models, the interface no longer goes down to selecting the desired line and configuring it, instead there is an organized menu, where each group of parameters is located a separate section. Do you want to change the mode? Look under "Mode" for a whole mass of them, including Bypass, TC and TCR. In the sub-menu "Set" there are various additional functionalities: coil lock, preheat, stealth mode, setting the date and time, as well as other joys. Last but not least, "Info" will please you with information about the status of the battery and the current firmware version. Choose "Exit" to return to the main interface.
[Image: XFvOuwtcUjE.jpg]
The EXCEED Air Plus atomizer is supplied with the well-proven EX coils: among them there is an EX MTL 1.2 Ohm for connoisseurs of tight inhale and nicotine salts, as well as a more "free" EX DL 0.5 Ohm. Both names are present in the kit, which will help vaping beginners to feel the full range of emotions from switching to vape. In comparison with the previous EXCEED series tanks, Air has a very convenient filling system: the lid does not need to be untwisted, it just moves in the direction of the arrow similar to that of it's older brother - ProCore Air. Because of the "bubble" glass, the volume of the tank has grown to 3 milliliters: in the black version it is slightly tinted, and in blue it matches with the color of the battery mod. Those who don't like rounded shapes will need to search the aid of Air without the "Plus" suffix - the glass from it fits perfectly, although it limits the capacity to two milliliters. A distinctive feature of the EXCEED atomizer line has always been a sufficiently flexible airflow with a rubber band under the ring, which eliminates the flow of unwanted air. This solution allows the cigarette inhale to always remain primordial. The heating element for Californian inhale lovers feels good in combination with a large air intake opening, but it sensibly hits the overall autonomy of the bundle.
[Image: S6vrmxbLH2s.jpg]
The Joyetech company has corrected all problems with the younger model - eVic Primo Mini. However, the very nature of last year's flagship changed: all batteries of the standard 18650 size and atomizers with a diameter of more than 22 millimeters accumulated by excessive labor can be set aside, this song is not about them. Obviously, all the best things go to the ESPION line, leaving a rather narrow space for maneuvers. Primo Fit balances on the verge of leaving the track, but copes with the handling, rushing to a meeting with:

  • Lovers of light and compact devices designed for short walks;
  • Numerous fans of Primo, continuing to love their handsome devices no matter what;
  • Beginners in the world of vaping, looking for a versatile device for every day;
  • Supporters of salt nicotine e-liquids;
  • Fans of MTL and various atomizers for it.

Thank you very much for your attention, I wish you a good mood!

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  U.K. Study Provides Evidence That E-Cigs May Better Help Smokers Drop Cigarettes
Posted by: SmokinJoe23 - 06-22-2018, 06:09 AM - Forum: E-cigarette News and Regulations - Replies (1)


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  Joyetech TEROS review by Ippolit
Posted by: Ippolit - 06-17-2018, 10:06 PM - Forum: Products Review - Replies (8)

Joyetech TEROS

Review by Ippolit.

You are going out for the evening, perhaps to the pub, a bar or restaurant. Slipping into your Italian suit jacket takes but a moment.

Remembering your mod, you grab it before heading for the door and thrust it into your pocket, it only just fits. Checking the mirror you realise it looks like you have a bag of potatoes in your otherwise sleek jacket…..  

Been there?  Well I haven’t!  I’d be far more likely to drag on my grubby but beloved denim jacket….  nevertheless your favourite mod is a big lump to take along whether you are in a T shirt, a slim fitting Italian jacket or only carrying that tiny purse.

Fortunately vapes that use pods or cartridges are often ideal for that very situation, being slimmer and generally lighter to lug around.

Even more fortunate, Joyetech have developed a new all-in-one pod vaporiser - the TEROS. There is nothing slimmer, more convenient and functional. It’s stealthy too, as it fits into the hand and is barely visible in use.

....  And it’s beautiful!

[Image: 1Zy0SWO.jpg]

This is the black version, there is also a silver and… but lets revel in this stunning black TEROS for a wee while longer. It’s a very black black 8)  Glossy but not overly so… and it is very, very slim despite the strong metal construction. It fits in a formal jacket pocket or that Gucci handbag without leaving a bulge, you won’t know it’s there.

But when you need it the 480mAh built in battery will last all evening and longer owing to the built in Joyetech ECO technology that makes the most out of that battery. When you want to refill the cartridge, that’s very simple, just ease out the bung on the pod side and there you go. You will see that the coil is built in, so no mess, no leaks, when needed just change the cartridge, they are priced at the same level as coils.

[Image: sp4ZS4g.jpg]

[Image: yJ86iAU.jpg]

So your TEROS is filled with your favourite liquid ( …. not too full now!), you charged the battery via the mini-usb so you only need to hit the fire button to vape.

Only you can’t, there are no buttons. Yup, zero things to push. In fact the only things to mar that delightful black surface are a tiny LED that shows the battery level, the mini-usb port on the side and a small and subtle “TEROS” near the bottom on one side and “Joyetech” on the other.

[Image: zKyoXUC.jpg]

NO buttons because Joyetech have fitted their new air pressure sensing system, raise TEROS to your lips start to vape and it’s on! The green LED confirms that the battery is fully charged and you experienced the surprisingly full cloud and wonderful flavour. Then it turns itself off, but it’s just waiting…. convenient and beautiful.

[Image: reqyaMl.jpg]

If black or silver are not your style, there’s more -

[Image: 6tGio9W.png]

The Photochromic versions move between being white and pink, or yellow and red as the light changes, subtly, it doesn’t flash, you have to see it! The Thermochromic versions sense the temperature of your hand and the ambient temperature and change from red to yellow, or purple to red.

Simply beautiful, everyone needs a TEROS. If you are an experienced vaper it’s ideal for the evening or a weekend away, if you are a newcomer- it’s so simple you can’t go wrong! I can’t fault it, I’ve been using it for days and it hasn’t let me down.

[Image: 2jxU0x1.jpg]

In the box: the main unit that houses the battery, two TEROS cartridges, USB cable, warranty, warning card and a slim manual -there’s not much to learn- it’s automatic! I received 2 carts in my box, ideal for carrying 2 flavours or just as a spare.

Some technical things —

Size: 90.0*29.0*12.0mm
Weight: 57.5g
E-liquid capacity: 2.0ml
Output modes: 1.85V constant voltage ECO Technology
Battery capacity: 480mAh
Colors: Silver, Black, PC1 (white-pink), PC2 (yellow-red), TC1 (red-yellow), TC2 (purple-red)
Colors: PC= Photochromic, TC= Thermochromic

Did I say that the TEROS is beautiful?  Go and get one, they are not expensive, then enjoy  8)

TEROS at Joyetech

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  Joyetech TEROS honest review.
Posted by: Crazybasil - 06-13-2018, 02:37 PM - Forum: Products Review - Replies (6)

Hello, dear Social! I want to tell you a story about new Joyetech device – TEROS, and how does it fit into the current market.
At the end of 2017, the manufacturing companies gradually began to return their products to the origins – tight inhale, compact dimensions, built-in batteries, reduced amount of aerosol produced by atomizers. There are a lot of reasons for this: the people who chose to vape are harassed with propaganda and various excises. The industry gradually began to fall into a protracted peak, as sales in major sales markets fell significantly. It was necessary to look for ways out of the current situation. Actually, to fully understand the reasons behind pod systems popularity, I will build a small logical chain:

  • If there is a discrimination against the vapers, then the size of the devices must be reduced to almost unnoticeable. There is another plus - "similarity" to the size of analog cigarettes or any other items common to a smoker: for example, lighters.
  • The smaller the size of the device itself – the smaller the size of the heating element and the power source, and consequently the smaller the amount of vapor produced.
  • The lower the power - the greater the strength of the liquid is needed to saturate the body with nicotine. This is a problem, because up to this moment the strength was lowered and even fixed by the law in some countries. Nicotine salts came to the aid, providing better absorption to the circulatory system of man.
  • It is necessary to reduce the threshold of entry and attract new groups of users, as well as those who have already tried electronic cigarettes, but faced with known troubles - the difficulties with using, selecting the necessary strength of the liquid and the chronic reluctance to use Google.
  • Finally, the price. Acquiring a huge, sparkling light bulb, a three hundred-watt miracle, the consumer feels what he paid for. Consequently, the final cost of a small, plain device should be cheaper.
From all of the above, the whole family of cartridge systems (they are also called Pod Systems) is beginning to emerge. These are the models most simple from a constructive point of view, differing (but not limited to) the following parameters:
  • Low power, as a rule - from 5 to 15 watts.
  • A heating element with high resistance, as a rule, is higher than 1.0 Ohm
  • A small battery, in the range of 250 to 650mAh.
  • Often equipped with an automatic tightening sensor.
  • For cost reasons, they are equipped with a proprietary connector and a charger connector.
From the last point one more follows. If the atomizer is still unique for each model, the liquid reservoir can be combined with the coil into a single whole, or even better - additionally filled with the e-liquid directly at the plant, solving a number of other problems: eliminating the user from searching e-liquids of the required consistency and fortresses, circumvention of certain laws in a number of countries, an additional reduction in the price of the entire construction, and the provision of a producer with a flow of buyers requiring supplies.
[Image: xSUZkmpNdBo.jpg]
Cartridge systems were most widely distributed in the US, where JUUL and others similarly managed to bite off such a large chunk from the incomes of tobacco corporations that they had to launch even more aggressive propaganda against hovering. This war in May 2018 resulted in the beginning of blocking of channels on YouTube, related to vape reviews.
However, there is also a downside to the medal in the form of a decent number of shortcomings that persecute our cartridge brothers, including when they hit other markets:
  • Search for the appropriate cartridges.
  • A fixed range of flavors and fortresses.
  • Need to use a different charger and carry it with you.
  • The need to frequently charge the device.
  • The unreliability of the automatic inhale sensor and the absence of any protection against the ingress of liquid into it.
  • Absolute identity of the appearance for most of these models.
And so, after such a long foreword, we got close to the new device from Joyetech - TEROS, designed to eliminate a lot of inconvenience.
TEROS - cartridge system with an automatic inhale sensor, which has a number of important advantages over competitors. The volume of the cartridge combined with the coil is equal to two milliliters, but you are free to fill it with any liquid to your taste. Naturally, the liquid should be PG/VG 50/50 or any other with low VG. Naturally, the liquid should have increased strength - in this we will be helped by nicotine salts, otherwise you just will not feel anything. Naturally, the cartridge here is still proprietary. On its lower side there is a special hole hiding the automatic sensor and protecting it from liquid ingress and subsequent failure, and thanks to this it is immediately clear how to put all this stuff into the device. Asymmetry is caused by a separate channel for air passing through the structure. By the way - in a set with the device there is a pair of cartridges, and their price is identical to the price of traditional coils.
TEROS has a built-in battery with typical for cartridge devices capacity of 480mAh. But even here Joyetech has a trump card - ECO technology, which limits the output voltage to 1.85V. With its help, our hero will last in the ranks nearly twice as long as competitors. No additional devices for charging are needed, the model has a standard MicroUSB connector. A small LED that changes its color from green to red will notify you about the battery state.
[Image: 4XFhom8VrBs.jpg]
TEROS weights around 58 grams, and resembles a flash drive or a lighter. In terms of design, it has really stylish black and steel versions, and the colored: they change their color under the influence of sunlight (white turns pink and yellow turns red) and under the influence of temperature (red mutates into yellow, and violet, in turn - in red). On the faces there are engravings "Joyetech" and "TEROS".
This model is an excellent alternative to almost all devices of this kind. I used TEROS with liquids based on salt nicotine with a strength of 35 and 20 milligrams, the best option seemed to me to be the 35th. Strangely enough, I will recommend the device for fans to twist and turn things in their hands, TEROS has a very pleasant texture and a fairly "metallic" sense of weight. For a quick break or for use in the office this thing is priceless.

Thank you everyone and have a nice day!

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  Evolv REPLAY & REPLAY Pod Systems? Contains Interview & Exclusive Revelation
Posted by: CosmicTruth - 06-11-2018, 09:31 AM - Forum: General Questions - No Replies

Daniel (DJLsb vapes) Interview with Brandon (Evolv) discussing replay feature, has some interesting content about resistance and the replay feature. It discusses errors in reading the coils that is compensated with the replay feature in Evolv mods.

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  Riftcore Duo (beta version)
Posted by: Liz (glizz) - 06-10-2018, 01:35 PM - Forum: Products Review - Replies (4)

I had the opportunity to try out the Beta Version
[Image: vcpTmmm.png?1]
the package included all the basics.....
1 x Joyetech RFC Duo
1 x Cotton Pack
1 x Hex Wrench
1 x Manual
1 x Warranty Cards
1 x Warning Card
Spare Parts including a spare clear glass
A smokey glass is pre installed
The Riftcore Duo is a 26mm rewickable atomizer with 3.5ml capacity! Yes rewickable, not rebuildable! It's coil-less! It features an RCF microtechnology heater made from advanced ceramic material,2 small plates that heat up.It is made in USA and passed safety testing in a independent US lab. the MSDS Report is also available  at  http://www.joyetech.com/product/riftcore-duo/
The heating plates is easily self-cleaned by removing the cotton and dry-burning at 30W for 3 seconds allowing 10 second cool down between each dry-burn. I found 3 to four cycles of this and your ready to re-wick . the RCF system is designed to have a long ,long life....an estimated 1 million puffs!!
[Image: YAeAGnX.jpg]
[Image: zsOWfCr.jpg]
You can use 2 or 3 strips of cotton and simply pull them between the 2 plates. The Riftcore Duo comes with several precut strips and also a metal guide so you can measure the the proper size strip. I preferred using 3 strips to avoid any leaking with 50/50 juice. It worked great! 
[Image: vHkCyi8.jpg]
The Duo is top filling, how ever you must remove the mouth piece in order to refill. It also has 3 large bottom air slots.With both heating elements installed it's a .25ohm coil but you can also remove one of the plates giving you .5ohm.
[Image: agedCcO.png]
the mouth piece must be removed before sliding open to refill but I believe this issue was fixed for the final version.
[Image: 0kLFKnV.png]
This is the beta version ! The final version will be available in gold,black or blue.
I understand the final version will be released around June 15th.
Approx. cost for the Riftcore Duo will be $55-$60 US / $70-$75 Canadian 
[Image: cQXsIlk.jpg]
In My Opinion:
The Riftcore Duo is very innovative. The thought of no more tedious rebuilding is perfect for me! Joyetech recommends vaping between 40-50 watts with the Duo. I found it best between 35-45watts. It heats fast and evenly and produces a fair amount of vapour. The flavour is great .I love the fact that its so simple to change flavours by the simplicity of a few dry-burns and changing of the cotton.And never ever once did I get a dry hit !!! I think this is the future!!! Yes this one is only designed for up to 50 watts but I believe Joyetech is sure to come up with maybe another version of plates suitable for higher watts. I also love the fact that one plate can be removed to allow for lower wattage vapers and wow the new vapers ....they will never know the struggles some of us faced  in our journey! I definitely plan on buying the final version no 'if,ands or buts'! It's amazing!

and it sits perfectly on my Espion Solo
[Image: ZBgEvcs.png?1]

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  Reclassifying and Taxing Vaping
Posted by: Ippolit - 05-31-2018, 02:49 PM - Forum: E-cigarette News and Regulations - No Replies

Debate about new tax on vaping products continues

INNCO, the collective voice for nicotine-consumer organisations, has taken the step of warning about a European consultation exercise on tax reform. It advises that the news should be considered in conjunction with moves by the World Customs Organisation (WCO) to reclassify electronic cigarettes as tobacco products.
The International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations (INNCO) has advised the public that moves are afoot to examine the possibility of placing an excise tax on “novel tobacco products”

An INNCO social media account complains that multiple-choice questions about the level of taxation for vaping products are unjustifiable. It states that the survey is devoid of any reference to “proportional impact” and fails to incorporate considerations for the possible effects on harm reduction. “Science and public health ethics now DEAD,” it writes.
Chris Snowdon has written about the possible reclassification of vaping products on his Velvet Glove blog. IN it, he writes: “on 16th May the World Customs Organisation published a document in which it discusses shifting e-cigarettes and vape fluid out of the chemicals category (Chapter 38) and into the tobacco category (Chapter 24). The document isn't freely available online yet”.

UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) responded to the possibility of vape products being taxed in the future: “We've been engaging with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on this point and its future ramifications for the vaping industry - they don't seem too interested at the moment.”

Full story here: https://www.planetofthevapes.co.uk/news/vaping-news/2018-05-30_reclassifying-and-taxing-vaping.html

Comment: It would seem to me that as this is a global debate, we need hear more from the big manufacturers of devices and consumables, a new tax would hit the industry hard at a time when gains are being made against the anti-vaping propaganda promoted by tobacco companies.

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  Batpack with Joye Eco D16
Posted by: Timwis - 05-30-2018, 08:46 AM - Forum: Products Review - Replies (2)

Hi Joyetech Social, In this review i take a look at an AIO device that takes AA batteries.


In the Box



Joyetech are pumping the products out of late yet all have something new to offer and they are always looking in some way to be innovative. The Batpack is a great example of that, a tiny MTL starter AIO device that operates using AA batteries. If you get the kit with batteries included you receive 2 rechargeable Avatar NI-MH AA batteries which are 1.2v each and have an impressive 2100mAh. The device will also run with good branded standard AA batteries, i wouldn't recommend using budget batteries though. I will explain more about how the device can run off AA batteries later in the review, i also called this an AIO kit despite having a removable tank with 510 that's because Joyetech make it clear both device and tank should be used together and not independently.



2 x Avatar AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery (also available without included batteries)
1 x Batpack
1 x Joye ECO D16 Atomizer
2 x BFHN 0.5ohm Head
2 x Manual
1 x Warranty Card
2 x Warning Card
Spare Parts

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Batpack with Joye Eco D16 is a tiny, stylish little AIO kit, i received the Dazzling version but it's also available in Green, Gold, Red/Gold, Black/Blue and Dark Blue/Pink, the tank has honeycomb top and base sections. front and back of the device has an aesthetically pleasing patterned groove effect, the rest of the device is smooth. Underneath the grooved effect on the front we have "BATPACK" etched on and on the reverse we have "JOYETECH". One side of the device there is a clicky, rectangular Black fire button at the top and towards the bottom a little notch to help get the back off the device. The other side of the device is featureless and so is the base apart from Black printed safety stamps. Moving to the top to one side we have a spring loaded 510 and next to this a slit for the LED to shine through. The Batpack is a well made sturdy little device, but worth mentioning that it's very slim so not as stable as most devices. The device is lovely to hold and fire, it's very ergonomically friendly indeed.

İmage  İmage

Size Comparison


Batpack Specs and Features:

Size:112.5 x 37.00 x 18.0mm
E-liquid capacity: 2.0ml
Applicable head: BFHN 0.5ohm head
AA Batteries/AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries
Light-weight and Pocket-size
Innovative & Safe ECO Tech
Ultra Efficient Low Voltage Technology
Optimized for High Nicotine/Nicotine Salt
Colours: Dazzling, Green, Gold, Red/Gold, Black/Blue, Dark Blue/Pink.


Joye Eco D16 Tank

The Joye Eco D16 is basically taking the AIO tank from the ego AIO Eco, making it bigger dimensions and adding a base with 510 pin (turning it into a tank). It takes the same BFHN 0.5ohm Coil Heads which are designed to be optimal at 7W even though they are 0.5ohm giving quite impressive cloud for such low wattage and ideal for high nic and nicotine salts. The coils also give very good MTL flavour when at best but the more i have used these coils the more i am realising they lose optimal flavour quite quickly. The draw is quite tight, a genuine MTL vape and filling the 2ml tank is a breeze, simply unscrew the top and fill. Another thing to note is the coil heads are long and take up the whole air chamber making it quite a messy business when changing them.

İmage İmage  İmage

How AA Batteries?

We are use to using batteries like 18650's and more recently 20700 etc because vaping products tend to need higher voltage than you would get from batteries like AA's. In recent times eco devices have been released with Joyetech leading the way. They work by using a low ohm resistant coil head which has been designed to run at very low wattage allowing for low voltage to be used, the devices then are regulated to give a constant low voltage output, Joyetech go for 1.87v, we first saw this technology from Joyetech with the ego AIO Eco. This low voltage means that a device can run with duel AA batteries, in fact more safely than the batteries we usually use making this device great for starters before they learn more about how vaping works and battery safety.

İmage İmage

Using the Batpack

Very simple device, the back comes off the device for you to fit the batteries and orientation is very clearly marked, the back secures back into place impressively with a snap due to very strong magnets. The device is 5 clicks to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off then simply press the fire button and vape, That's it! The device does have battery status indication with the use of a LED light which shines through a slit on top of the device, indication is as followed:

76% - 100% steady on

51% - 75% slow flash

10% - 49% medium speed flash

0% - 9% fast flash.



The Batpack with Joye Eco D16 gives a reliable constant MTL vape, and is very comfortable to use. The rechargeable AA batteries combined give 4200mAh (on the website it says the batteries are 2000mAh but the ones i received were 2100mAh), with the device running at only 1.87v giving approximately a 7w vape, you don't have to be a mathematics wiz to work out what i'm going to say next, the battery life is great! One thing worth bearing in mind is there is no micro USB port so rechargeable batteries will need to be charged in an external charger or good branded disposable AA's will be needed.



AA batteries for a starter in my opinion is a great idea and the device gives a very nice MTL consistent vape, with good flavour and descent cloud. It must be mentioned though the coil heads don't keep optimal flavour for long and changing coil heads can be a bit messy.



The Use of AA batteries
Stealth vape
Pocket friendly
Ideal for high nic and nic salts
Ideal starters device
Consistent vape
Great price
Leak free
Good flavour and cloud
Great battery life
Battery status indication


Coils don't have great life
Messy coil change
Topple over candidate


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  Beta testing of the RFC RiftCore Duo RWTA
Posted by: CosmicTruth - 05-28-2018, 09:34 AM - Forum: Products Review - Replies (12)

Part #1
Joyetech Beta test of the RFC RiftCore Duo RWTA

[Image: Lco9LwJ.jpg]

RWTA=Re-Wick able Tank Atomizer (heh I made that up). This device is not a RTA (Rebuild able Tank Atomizer), and definitely not an RDA (Rebuild able Drip Atomizer). And because you may get 1 million puffs on the heating elements it’s not a Rebuild able anything. All you may ever need to replace is the tiny cotton pads!  

[Image: iJyBky7.jpg]

This is the latest in vaping technology; it is a Coil Free Tank Atomizer. Well... something similar to this has been tried before but now it has Alien Technology built in! Instead of a coil the RFC RiftCore Duo uses 2 space age heating elements straight from area 51. The power goes through the 2 heating elements, and the cotton wick is sandwiched between them to wick the e-liquid to the heat.  

[Image: o0acZDu.jpg]

The device can easily be re-wicked by opening the empty tank, pull the old cotton out with a pair of tweezers. Clean the deck and dry fire it to clean the heat elements. Then pull a doubled cotton pad from side to side between the heating elements. Adjust the cotton pads so both ends are even with the deck. Drip e-liquid onto the cotton pad to saturate it and screw the tank back together, Once the tank is reassembled you should see the ends of the cotton wick at both of the e-juice inlets. You are now ready to fill the tank and enjoy.    

[Image: VPvIQhJ.jpg]
Note: images of the Beta version, there will be differences from the production version.

The Duo comes with several pre-cut cotton wicks, 1 spare glass, and a package of spare parts that includes 2 O-rings, 2 Grub screws, 1 Allen tool, and a 5 X 18mm Wick Size Guide. Also included are a quick start instruction pamphlet, a warranty card, and a warning card. I'm not sure what will be included with the final version of this tank, I hope they triple the number of pre-cut cotton wick's, because the wicks are all that will ever wear out on this device. I think they even include tweezers in the production version.  

[Image: r07e2dQ.jpg]

This is a promising tank but the pre-production device I tested is (IMO) not quite there. On my device you had to remove the drip tip to slide the top cap to fill position. I'm pretty sure the final production top cap has already been changed as you will see below.    

[Image: NfhSwNP.jpg]
Beta test version

Also some suggestions: I think this device is a perfect candidate for a top airflow design, which would prevent my leaking issues, and keep the juice cooler. I found out on using the tank my leaking issues was from using too little cotton, and it worked great and did not leak with 2 cotton pads.  

[Image: l8xTx5j.jpg]
Final design version

The flavor and vapor production on this tank are both great. It is easy to re-wick so it is great to test different e-liquid flavors. The heat elements seem to last a very very long time, so imagine having a RTA but never having to build another coil. That is what this new design brings. I am told the RFC is made out of a conductive ceramic material and is safer than wire.  

All you will need to replace is the cotton wicking when they discolor and the flavor degrades indicating the cotton needs to be changed.  
Remove the old cotton and heat the RFC with your MOD set to 30W for 3 seconds to self-clean. Let it cool for at least 10 seconds. Repeat the dry burn and cooling cycle a few times until heating elements are clean.  

[Image: GFkIanL.jpg]

1. Dual RFC heating elements instead of a coil, it heats evenly and conducts heat faster than a coil.  
2. Safe heating material that is made in the USA, safety tests are underway by independent US labs.    
3. Easily changeable cotton wicks, providing an extremely economical solution for users.  
4. Self-cleaning by heat, no need to replace the coils like a normal RTA.  
5. RFC coil free system is a revolutionary and effective tank atomizer design.  
6. More efficient at Atomizing the e-liquid, much better flavor and vapor quality.  

[Image: FzR0APa.jpg]

Pre-production Kit Contents:
+ 1 X RiftCore DUO Atomizer  
+ 1 X Package of pre-cut cotton wicks  
+ 1 X Hex Allen Wrench  
+ 1 X Instruction Manual  
+ 1 X Warranty Card  
+ 1 X Warning Card  
+ 1 X Package of Spare Parts, includes: 2 Screws, 1 wrench, 2 O-rings, 1 Cotton size guide
+ 1 X Spare Glass (may not be included in the production version)
+ 1 X Tweezers (was not included in my beta test version)  


  • Atomizer size: 26.0 X 47.0mm (beta 25.0mm w/ +1.3mm knurling X 44.8mm)
  • Weight: 48g empty but wicked and primed 52.3g filled.
  • Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Element spacing: 3.1mm
  • Element length: 7.1mm
  • Element width: 3.6mm
  • Colors: Gold, Black, Blue
  • Applicable with Joyetech the RFC heater elements only

End of part #1

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  How to install a custom logo image
Posted by: CosmicTruth - 05-24-2018, 03:50 AM - Forum: Custom logo download - Replies (2)

OK first off you will need the Joyetech firmware updater software for on your PC


and the data cable that was included with your device. Also you will need a 382 byte 64x40 custom logo with a single color palette, any image that is not to these exact specifications will not work.

Start the firmware update program, then plug your device to the usb port on your PC with the data cable. The firmware update program display will change and show the hardware and firmware version of your device. Check your device as it may need to have the firmware updated to use a custom logo. Next click [LOGO] and navigate to your new custom logo. Select it and be sure to click [OK] after the logo is updated.

Note: when you click [LOGO] the device screen will go black, it is important to not unplug your device from the PC until you have selected a logo and clicked [OK] on the logo updated information popup screen, or your device display will stay black.

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