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  Time and Puff counts
Posted by: tbrandt - 08-02-2018, 04:07 AM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (1)

What do you guys use these options for?

I generally reset my time to zero every time I put on a new coil. If I get between 9000 and 10800 per coil I'm happy, that's 2-1/2 to 3 hours. Does anyone else do this? How long do you get out of your coils?

I generally reset my puff count every time I put in a new battery. I know it's all math but it is interesting seeing how I get more puffs per battery with a higher ohm coil. With a 0.15 coil I get about 100 puffs before I start getting the weak battery warning. With a 0.6 coil I can get 250 to 300 puffs per battery. My mod is a single cell 18650. (eVic Primo Mini with the Procore Aries tank)

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  New Online store
Posted by: Liz (glizz) - 08-01-2018, 01:22 AM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (3)

Joyetech I thought you should know that my browsers wont let me on your online site 悲伤 Its telling me that its "Not Secure" Anyone else have that problem?

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  Senators Introduce Legislation To Ban Vape Flavors That Are 'Kid Friendly'
Posted by: SmokinJoe23 - 07-31-2018, 06:43 AM - Forum: E-cigarette News and Regulations - Replies (6)

Senators Introduce Legislation To Ban Vape Flavors That Are 'Kid Friendly'

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  Vapers Could Expect To Pay More For Equipment Due To Tariffs
Posted by: SmokinJoe23 - 07-27-2018, 07:35 AM - Forum: E-cigarette News and Regulations - Replies (5)

Vapers Could Expect To Pay More For Equipment Due To Tariffs

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  Maker Of IQOS (Phillip Morris) Ordered To Stop Advertising Heat Not Burn Technology I
Posted by: SmokinJoe23 - 07-20-2018, 06:49 AM - Forum: E-cigarette News and Regulations - Replies (4)

Maker Of IQOS (Phillip Morris) Ordered To Stop Advertising Heat Not Burn Technology In UK

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  ESPION Silk with NotchCore
Posted by: Liz (glizz) - 07-15-2018, 01:20 PM - Forum: Products Review - Replies (5)

[Image: fr1cVRf.jpg]
The ESPION Silk is the latest internal battery mod from Joyetech. It has a  rubber padded plastic body making it very lightweight and durable. Also making it hypoallergenic for people with sensitive skin. 
[Image: ttVwT64.jpg]
The contents:
1 * ESPION Silk
1 * NotchCore atomizer
5 * NotchCoilTM head
1 * QC USB cable
2 * Manual
1 * Warranty card
1 * Warning card
Spare parts

Size: 29.5 mm by 40.0 mm by 120.0 mm
Battery capacity: 2800 mAh
Kit weight: 141.0 g
E-liquid capacity: 2.5ml
Screen: 0.69-inch OLED display
Output: 1-80 watts
Modes: power/bypass/temp (NI/TI/SS)/TCR (M1/M2/M3)
Resistance range: 0.05-1.5 ohm for TEMP / TCR mode
0.05 – 3.5 ohm for power mode
[Image: WRasJEx.jpg]
The Espion Silk is an internal 2800 mAh mod with a interface on a black and white 0.69-inch screen.It can be  powered up to 80W  with multi mode options. The menu is pretty basic and simple to use.
This video explains the simplicity of it........ https://youtu.be/Zb67vNgp2DQ
[Image: lUtxJoc.jpg]
The Espion Silk kit comes with the NotchCore tank. It is a 22 mm diameter tank that holds 2.5 mls of e-liquid.It has a push/slide opening for quick filling. And it's easy to install and change the NotchCoil atomizer head.The NotchCoil heads come pre-wicked with cotton but you can replace the cotton if you want .I have dry-burned the notch coil and re-wicked with zero issues.You just need to be gentle. But at about a dollar a coil its simpler to just pop in a new one (I'm waiting for my order so re-wicking will keep me going until it arrives) 
The ESPION Silk is available in these 3 colours….
[Image: OEw4bdg.jpg]
Now maybe you are like I was….when I first saw this mod I went 'ewww' 'that's ugly' and then I received it from Joyetech to test! Well let me tell you,until you hold it in your hand you might not understand…
[Image: dSmJBgc.jpg]
It is the cutest,lightest,most comfortable fit I have ever held! So compact and so much power. I mostly vaped at only 20w . I cannot believe the amount of vapor it produces at such low wattage! And the flavour is over the top in my opinion. Very smooth and flavourful with lots of vapor production .I find myself taking it with me everywhere I go. The 2A quick charge is very quick/from dead to fully charged in about an hour and it can get me through the day easily at 20w. I normally vape at 40-50w and I swear I get a way more satisfying vape with the ESPION Silk at 20w. I do wish the NotchCore tank had a larger capacity but overall I honestly LOVE it! And it's really not ugly at all ?

sorry guys & gals I'm not here alot lately...seasonal job... check in when I can 心 心 心

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  New US Trade Tariff list hit vaping devices.
Posted by: Ippolit - 07-11-2018, 03:20 PM - Forum: E-cigarette News and Regulations - Replies (3)

U.S. President Donald Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports hits consumers in new areas-

"... Lurking inside the tariff lists are some surprises, from Google Nest thermostats to vaping devices to equipment used by aspiring rock stars."

Consumers are usually shielded from such tariffs as they normally work at the component and part level, but the announcement from June 2018 hits them directly. "...Imports of Chinese-made vaping devices to the tune of $300 million a year will be hit"

How will this impact the the US vaping industry as a whole?

Reuters article

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信息 Joyetech RiftCore Duo tank review by Ippolit
Posted by: Ippolit - 07-07-2018, 09:52 PM - Forum: Products Review - Replies (1)

Joyetech RiftCore Duo tank review by Ippolit

N.B. - I got this product for review directly from Joyetech. This will not influence my opinion.

I prefer to write about my user experience without being too “geeky” but you will find links to Joyetech’s RiftCore tutorial and specifications below.

At the same time as developing the remarkable NotchCore Joyetech have produced the RiftCore Duo tank, which has no coil….

[Image: 9eyMXnE.jpg?1]

Now there’s lots of Mesh tanks, there’s many types of Notch too, but this is different. There is a rift or a gap between two tiny USA made ceramic heating plates, fitted onto a well made deck with allen grub screws so they are replaceable …. Joyetech quote up to 80,000 puffs before that’s required!

[Image: 5cXsHrc.png?1]

Cotton, cut to the correct size, is already placed between these two plates, so open the tank, soak the cotton a little with juice, refit the tank parts and fill via the sliding top after closing the air vents temporarily.

[Image: s57Nz3q.jpg?1]

After 5 mins soaking, fit onto your favourite mod, I’m using my Espion Solo Anniversary, open the air vent to your preferred setting, this is definitely a DL ( Direct to Lung) setup as it’s very airy.

I don’t like hot vapour so I am using around 30W on this tank, there is a lot of richly flavoured vapour, and I mean rich. It doesn’t gurgle or flood at all - that’s impossible as there’s no coil! My only negative comment would be that the tank does get warm in use, more so than the NotchCore for example.

I used the RiftCore for a week before I felt that the cotton needed replacing and the plates cleaned by dry-burning, yes that’s all you do- just clean and rewick!  I don’t use many sweet liquids so if you do you may find you need to rewick more frequently. I recommend that 3 pieces of cut cotton should be pulled into that rift in order that there is sufficient to soak up the liquid entering the deck area, any less and you may find that thin high PG liquid may find it’s way down and out of the vents.

It’s easy to do, here’s Joyetech’s tutorial video:

In the box you will find a number of pre-cut cotton pieces, and a square of quality cotton pad so you can cut your own too. A small metal template is provided so you can cut the correct size easily with sharp scissors. There’s a pair of strong tweezers, rubber seals, grub screws and a spare tank glass too.

[Image: s8ldbGu.jpg?1]

To be coil free is an innovation, to have the tank well engineered is typical of Joyetech. The Riftcore is tough, well built and easy to rewick and clean, I recommend it wholeheartedly!

[Image: VqNEVNp.png?1]

Available in now Blue, Gold & Black in the USA for pre-order and in the UK and rest of the world soon.

More details and technical specifications - Riftcore Duo

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  Joyetech ESPION Silk honest review.
Posted by: Crazybasil - 07-04-2018, 01:56 PM - Forum: Products Review - Replies (5)

Hello, dear Social! Today I would like to tell you about Joyetech ESPION Silk with NotchCore atomizer.
Silk belongs to the niche of starter kits with built-in battery, housing a pretty neat 2800mAh cell unit. The only real inconvenience brought by this design is the impossibility, if necessary, to replace the battery. However, newbie is completed with an atomizer, which will not require too much power for operation and, as a kit, will provide enough vape breaks for a day or even more. A good bonus is the presence of fast charging by currents up to 2A, capable of returning ESPION to life in the shortest possible time.
[Image: K79QmXtL4dM.jpg]
ESPION Silk is available in three colors: black and red, orange and beige. The inserts are made of very soft rubberized plastic, which has hypoallergenic properties. This fact has a very positive effect on the weight characteristics: the set with an atomizer weighs 141 grams, and the mod itself - only 100. The height of the set is 120 millimeters (without an atomizer - 80), the length is 40 and the width is 29.5. Silk - a very "touching" model, twirl it in your hands delivers a complete pleasure. Using an internal battery allowed to significantly reduce the size and weight of the device: so much that you might have constant checks if Silk has fallen out of your pocket. To scratch or damage the paint-job of Silk, for obvious reasons, is almost impossible, instead, bright plastic has the property of getting dirty. It can be wiped out in any way known to science. It should also be noted that the hull has no any shockproof or water-repellent properties, despite the expressive appearance.
The heart of our silky friend is a familiar board that can work with a resistance of 0.05 Ohms in all modes, respond to the main button in 25 milliseconds and protects the user from various over-discharges, over-charges and short circuits. The lack of a real-time clock is a pity, but all other modes, including Bypass and TCR, remained in place. Oh yes, the buttons turned out to be really cool: they have a distinct click when pressed, plus and minus are blocked by simultaneous hold, and the fire button is pleasantly rough. The ventilation holes and everything necessary to reset the device are located on the bottom edge of the device.
[Image: c8ZwRzqTXvc.jpg]
The role of the kit atomizer is played by NotchCore - the "younger" brother of the partially rebuildable RIFTCORE DUO. NotchCore does not have any tricky heating plates made using alien technology - it uses the well-known NotchCoil, but with a resistance of 0.45 Ohm. There are five pieces of such "spirals" in a kit, not counting the already installed one. Cotton can be replaced, but it needs to be done with caution: the nature of NotchCoil is very fragile and breaks easily, it settles slightly from heating, and things will not work out in the manner of ordinary spirals: you can't fix it once you have damaged it. The pros - the spiral is installed horizontally, which has a positive effect on the taste, while it provides a good evaporation area and eliminates the possibility of short circuits. In due time NotchCoil worked perfectly in thermal control (because it's made of stainless steel), I will not exclude the possibility of a special mode in the future firmware upgrades developed for this heating element. Now it is necessary to use this type of heating elements in the power range from 20 to 30 watts. The volume of the NotchCore tank is 2.5 milliliters, the diameter is 22 millimeters. A nice detail - an arrow indicating the direction of the sliding cover, is now painted and it's not necessary to spend ages trying to figure it out.
[Image: Iqw-HB2FJ7c.jpg]
Conclusion... It's somewhat hard for me to make a conclusion. I have some complaints about the atomizer: as for me, it does not have enough airflow options. At the required power, it can be a fairly good option for a soft and rather tight inhale. It can be easily upgraded by making three small holes and put a rubber band under the ring, EXCEED-style. NotchCore ain't that bad, it's really good, but it can be made better. Silk itself can bring some nice emotions with the first touch, and after it – you will either fall in love, or not. This beautiful and compact kit can be a nice gift to your girlfriend and for the people who had some concerns about vape gear being too heavy. Overall quality of the device is very high.

Thank you very much for your attention, I wish you a wonderful mood!

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信息 Joyetech Espion Silk & NotchCore tank review - Ippolit
Posted by: Ippolit - 07-02-2018, 09:10 PM - Forum: Products Review - Replies (6)

Joyetech Espion Silk & NotchCore tank review - Ippolit

N.B. - I got this product for review directly from Joyetech. This will not influence my opinion.

Let’s get something clear, I don’t often say “wow”, friends say I don’t easily get excited about something 眨眼

I’ve been using, testing, reviewing and installing hi-tech electronics professionally since valves and big dials with a red “Danger” zone were the thing… there’s been a lot of “wow” potential during those decades! However I don’t do technical reviews of vapes, there’s plenty of folks who do that well, I prefer to focus on the user experience.

So when I say “wow” it really must be something, but here we go… My Espion Silk review in one word is  “WOW” - in capitals.


The Notchcoil, or horizontal tubular heating elements have been done by others before, with lack-lustre results. Joytech now have it nailed.

My wow is for the amount of flavour and cloud, I don’t like hot clouds, so I usually go for low power, say 12-25 Watts depending on the device, with a quality tank and coil that usually produces enough vapour to keep me happy, but not big clouds.

So when that good looking red Silk got fired up for the first time, I filled it with one of my favourite Triple Menthol mixes (I live dangerously), the slide open top makes that a breeze.


The above image is the right way up when you click it for larger view- it just won't stay the right way up as a thumbnail!!

I then dialled in 15W and took a good pull. It blew my head off!  Everything was suddenly mentholated 8) (funnily enough I did the same with the amazing RiftCore tank too, I’ll never learn).

Cleared that out and went for Double Menthol with a touch of Lemon & Lime. The clouds! Seriously, the volume of cool vapour was incredible whilst the flavour was stronger and more nuanced than I have experienced from ANY coil and tank combo that isn’t an expensive RDA/RTA vape-geek setup.

From such a small, light device that level of flavour at low power was a shock. It’s a marvel and I reach for it very often. Once experienced, you will not want to be parted.

That’s enough enthusiasm for a while, let’s look at the practicality of the Silk without getting too “techy”.


Those tiny tubular 0.45 ohm NotchCoils with the cotton wick inside are easily replaced, they just pull out from their gold-plated connectors, no unscrewing a tight atomiser and having a lot of liquid on your fingers, they are so easy to change and a lot less messy than you are used too. They are cheaper than screw in coils, you get a pack of them in the box! I tried changing the cotton, that was easy too - if you have any experience of using scissors and tweezers you can do it. I washed the coil in running water after removing the old cotton, gave it a very gentle scrub with an old toothbrush then dried it well, pulled through a bit of Muji cotton pad and trimmed the ends, voila! That cost 10 minutes of my time and a tiny bit of cotton.


I have had zero problems with the Silk during the week of hard use I have given it ( no dive in the box and try it once reviews from me…) with no leaks, no floods, no gurgling. I also noticed that the tank does not get very warm after a bit of chain vaping.

The Silk is good looking too, the look is new for Joyetech with it’s bright casing punctuated by those practical very “grippy” panels. The red and orange versions are very bold and striking, whilst the brown (it’s a very light brown) is discreet and elegant. The built in 2800mAh battery charges quickly with any quality 2A charger and the usb cable provided, in a weeks use at 15W I got over 450 puffs for each charge.

There’s also variable air control, I’m a Direct to Lung (DL) vaper so it suits me very well being very airy fully open, at a guess it would just be useable for Mouth To Lung (MTL) users closed down. There’s a simple menu system on the 0.69 inch OLED screen. The firmware is easily updated too.

My only criticism is with the manual, which mysteriously does not explain how to actually get into the user menu with the icons that it describes and details! For the record just press and hold the + key and the Fire button. Plenty of things to play with in there if you want, but if you are not geeky it’s a simple matter to adjust the power level and lock the settings.

I have read a couple of reviews that say “it’s plastic - nasty!” Well calm down folks, you want light? Go for a hi-impact durable material that is not as heavy as alloy = quality plastic, the Silk is a mere 141g. I can’t see this device breaking easily, it’s so grippy you’re not going to find it has slipped out of your hand when you wave at your friend in the park …

The Espion Silk & NotchCore is an ideal combination if you want an easy to use device that is light to carry in your pocket or briefcase, with masses of flavour and cheap and easy coil replacement. You will be as surprised as I was, go and get one!

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