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  One for all, the new Joyetech ProCore Remix atomizer kit is on!!!
Posted by: Kermit - 06-20-2017, 11:18 AM - Forum: Joyetech New Products - Replies (12)

ProCore Remix
1 equals 4

Designed as an all-round atomizer with its handy flip-to-open top cap,
the ProCore Remix was meant to be used as an RTA, RDA or sub-ohm atomizer as you prefer.
Featuring an rebuildable tank system, the ProCore Remix atomizer has a wide open space to
rebuild coils, no matter single or dual. Being simple and convenient, the huge airflow slot is
meant for large vapor production and optimal flavor. Paired with the patented flip system,
the ProCore Remix is sure to please any builders' desire.

Click to check the details about this new kit: http://www.joyetech.com/product/procore-remix/

[Image: ProC-Remix.gif]

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  The war on e-cigs is now national
Posted by: Kermit - 06-19-2017, 04:43 PM - Forum: E-cigarette News and Regulations - Replies (2)

The war on e-cigs is now national
New York Post
By Betsy McCaughey | June 6, 2017

Hypocrisy has reached new heights, even by Washington’s standards. The same left-wing senators who support needle-exchange and methadone programs to reduce harm to drug addicts and demand condoms for high-schoolers are waging war against the most effective harm reducer of all — e-cigarettes.

Sens. Al Franken (D-Minn.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and other Democrats are demanding new FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb crack down on e-cigarettes without delay. Across the aisle, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) is urging Gottlieb to examine the compelling evidence that vaping saves lives by helping smokers quit the deadly habit.

[Image: e-cigs.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&...amp;crop=1]

Some 480,000 people in the United States die each year from smoking. But quitting is hard. E-cigarettes are far more effective than any patch, coach or gum at weaning addicts off their cancer sticks. And they’re diverting teens from even starting smoking.

But facts be damned. Senate Democrats are politicizing the issue, claiming that “special interests” lie behind the FDA’s decision to delay pending regulations drafted by the Obama administration.

The new regs, originally scheduled to go into effect by now, would compel all e-cigarette devices and flavors to be pre-approved by the FDA before being sold. The cost of pre-approval would crush all but the biggest producers. The Trump administration wisely put these rules on hold to look at the facts. Johnson wants the FDA to junk the regs altogether.

The FDA should be facilitating, not impeding, the use of e-cigarettes.

New research from the United Kingdom shows over half of UK e-cigarette users have quit smoking entirely. England’s most prestigious medical group, the Royal College of Physicians, endorses “large-scale substitution of e-cigarettes” for smoking. The country’s National Health Service urges patients who smoke to switch to vaping.

In Europe, 6 million ex-smokers report that e-cigarettes helped them quit, according to EU data, yielding impressive improvements in health. Smokers with hypertension who switch to vaping show significant decreases in systolic blood pressure after 12 months, better results than with medications. Asthmatics who switch from smoking to vaping gain better lung function and relief from coughing, reports Riccardo Polosa, director of the Institute of Internal Medicine and Clinical Immunology in Italy.

What about teens? Vaping isn’t a gateway to smoking in adults or teens, contrary to what the Democratic senators claim. But they prefer fearmongering to facts, accusing manufacturers of predatory marketing by luring adolescents with candy-like flavors.

In fact, vaping appears to be responsible for the dramatic drop in teen smoking since 2010, down more than 50 percent. Teens are vaping instead.

Would it be better if they did neither? Yes, but human beings have been sticking things in their mouths since the beginning of time. Vaping is harm reduction.

That’s not the same as harmless. There may be traces of toxins, metals and carcinogens in vapor. But vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking cigarettes, researchers conclude.

The more smokers switch to vaping, the more lives will be saved.

As for secondhand smoke, it contains 60 carcinogens and is far more dangerous than the low levels of toxins in secondhand vapor.

New scientific evidence drawn from four countries — the United States, Canada, Australia and England — shows that the more restrictive a country’s vaping regulations, the less likely smokers are to put out their cigarettes and take up vaping. The FDA should heed this life-and-death information.

Both the European Union and the United Kingdom have set quality and safety standards for e-cigarettes without imposing a costly pre-approval regimen. The United States should do the same.

Millions of lives hinge on how the US regulates e-cigarettes. Sadly, the left is making it tougher for smokers and teens prone to smoking to choose the harm-reducing alternative.

Liberals have long mocked the “just say no” approach, but that’s what they’re telling smokers — that harm reduction is a good idea for heroin addicts but not cigarette addicts.

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  What's in the next?
Posted by: Kermit - 06-19-2017, 04:27 PM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (8)

What's in the next?
Imagine it. 眨眼

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问题 RBA for ProCore Aries
Posted by: louiesquared - 06-13-2017, 06:30 AM - Forum: ProCore Aries Atomizer - Replies (2)

Is there an RBA in the works for the ProCore Aries?

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  4 Research Studies That are Shut-Up Calls for Vape Haters
Posted by: Kermit - 06-10-2017, 03:28 PM - Forum: E-cigarette News and Regulations - Replies (1)

4 Research Studies That are
Shut-Up Calls for Vape Haters

By Sam Allcock, June 5, 2017
The London Economic

[Image: e-cig.jpg]

You will find news headlines, social media posts, viral website stories and a lot more bashing vaping in one way or the other. There are so many common lies people tell you about e-cigarettes. Now it’s up to us to start changing the public perceptions of vaping. You don’t need to believe in just one poorly done study and its finding lashing at vaping and totally ignoring how vaping is bringing changes in lives of public. We are bringing you some studies here that are to silence the vaping haters. All of the studies to be mentioned here are properly done, organized and the findings have been verified after surveys of years and months.

Effect of Smoking Abstinence and Reduction in Asthmatic Smokers Switching to Electronic Cigarettes: Evidence for Harm Reversal

The study was carried out by Dr. Riccardo Polosa. It’s one of the studies that confirm there are no harmful impacts of vaping for lungs at all. Dr. Polosa is one of the most reliable personalities in the field of research. The study found out that vaping is asthmatic smokers has no negative effects on their lungs and overall health. We learnt that the finding says, The e-cig may help smokers with asthma to reduce their cigarette consumption or remain abstinent and hence reduce the burden of smoking-related asthma symptoms. Now it’s obvious that asthma smokers who switch to vaping and e-cigarettes tend to have less harmful impacts on their health and it actually comes in handy to let them gain some more years of life.

Exposure to Nicotine and Selected Toxicants in Cigarette Smokers Who Switched to Electronic Cigarettes: A Longitudinal Within-Subjects Observational Study

Another study on our list! Dr. Maciej Goniewicz carried out that comprehensive research and the results show vaping is far way less harmful than the traditional smoking. “After switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes, nicotine exposure remains unchanged, while exposure to selected carcinogens and toxicants is substantially reduced,” the authors wrote.

The authors planned to conduct this study in order to find out the effects of e-cigarettes on nicotine delivery and the findings are very encouraging. People have been informed e-cigarettes are harmful and affect the health of users in the worst ways but this is not the case. The report says, in total, 45% of participants reported complete abstinence from cigarette smoking at 2 weeks, while 55% reported continued smoking. Levels of total nicotine and some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon metabolites did not change after switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes. Vaping is a safer options and the vape users have a large number of benefits when compared to the traditional smokers.

Real-world effectiveness of e-cigarettes when used to aid smoking cessation: a cross-sectional population study

We have told that newspapers, poorly done studies and magazines are always finding the ways to criticize vaping. Luckily, there are enough studies to silence the vape haters and provide evidence that vaping is a better option for all the smokers. Millions of people use e-cigarettes in the world and this study also confirms vaping is a helpful way to let the smokers quit smoking. “Among smokers who have attempted to stop without professional support, those who use e-cigarettes are more likely to report continued abstinence than those who used a licensed NRT product bought over-the-counter or no aid to cessation,” write the authors.

Safety evaluation and risk assessment of electronic cigarettes as tobacco cigarette substitutes: a systematic review

According to this systematic literature review — a broad look at a large group of existing studies — smokers would benefit from switching to vaping. Farsalinos and Polosa concluded, “Currently available evidence indicates that electronic cigarettes are by far a less harmful alternative to smoking and significant health benefits are expected in smokers who switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.”

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  Primo mini Firmware update
Posted by: DJSUB - 06-09-2017, 06:24 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (1)

I just want to ask regarding primo mini firmware upgrade,
When i try to connect primo mini in my laptop to upgrade the firmware i'm having please set the hardware version message


Does anyone now how can i update my firmware?
I also tried version 6.06 and 6.04 same error message appear.

Thanks in advance

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  Gottlieb Tells Congress FDA Will Base E-Cig Regulations on Science
Posted by: Kermit - 06-08-2017, 10:08 AM - Forum: E-cigarette News and Regulations - No Replies

Gottlieb Tells Congress FDA Will
Base E-Cig Regulations on Science

-Competitive Enterprise Institute-
Michelle Minton • May 26, 2017

Democrats like to portray their party as the “party of science.” Yet, when it comes to harm-reducing tobacco alternatives that offer millions of smokers a chance to quit their deadly habit—Dems may as well be a pitchfork-wielding village mob. Luckily, for public health, the newly appointed Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is not as fearful of innovation.

Yesterday,  Gottlieb testified before the House Appropriations Committee. During the hearing, members asked Gottlieb about his financial ties to the vaping industry, his interest in keeping kids off tobacco, and his commitment to preserving a rule implemented by the Obama FDA, which would regulate electronic cigarettes more stringently than actual cigarettes.

Their major concern revolved around Gottlieb’s plans to implement the FDA’s “Deeming” rule, which classified non-tobacco products, like e-cigarettes, as “tobacco.” While the Tobacco Control Act (TCA) enacted by Congress in 2009 gave the agency power to regulate the industry, it also grandfathered in products on the market prior to 2007. When the FDA—without any input from Congress—decided to include e-cigarettes under the definition of tobacco products, it did not change this grandfather date. This means that all vaping devices and liquids will need to submit and be awarded a pre-market tobacco product application (PMTA), a process that could take years—with no guarantee the agency will approve any applications—and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per application.

Almost all of the research into e-cigarettes shows they are less harmful than traditional tobacco products—because the nicotine-liquid is heated and not burned—are effective smoking-cessation devices. This is why Reps. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) and Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) offered an amendment to the recent omnibus spending bill that would not weaken the FDA’s ability to regulate e-cigarettes—as some Democrats have argued—but merely change the grandfather date so that e-cigarettes currently on the market could stay on the market without needing to file a PMTA.

Ranking member Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) declared that e-cigarettes are addictive and a “gateway for teenagers to use tobacco.” Sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with her colleague Rep. Bishop, whose bipartisan bill she gleefully killed less than a month ago, Lowey demanded Gottlieb “stand with science” and commit to “fully implementing the deeming rule, including through the courts, if need be.”

Not falling for Lowey’s insinuation that “big tobacco” is behind efforts to alter the deeming rule, Gottlieb answered that any decisions he makes on tobacco harm-reduction will be “science-based” and designed to ensure they are “maximally achieving the public health goals set out by Congress.” He added that he will not “preside over a period of time when teenage smoking went back up in this country. As a cancer-survivor and a physician that’s not going to be my legacy.”  

Apparently unsatisfied with Gottlieb’s dedication to relying on actual evidence to make decisions, Lowey asked him “as a father, would you be comfortable with your children having such easy access to e-cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products?” Just as easily, Gottlieb could have asked that if she, as a mother, was concerned about her children having even easier access to caffeine, since caffeine is also a central nervous system stimulant, both contain carcinogens, and—as research has shown—there are essentially no differences in the withdrawal symptoms of abstaining from nicotine versus caffeine.

Gottlieb’s actual answer to Lowey’s appeal to emotionalism was more diplomatic. “As a father I’m not comfortable with any child being started on a nicotine product,” he told the Committee. Had I been able to offer Gottlieb a follow-up question, I would have asked whether he’d be more comfortable with his kids smoking cigarettes, which kill about half of those who develop the habit, or e-cigarettes, which have about 95 percent fewer harmful and potentially harmful ingredients.

A 2013 meta-analysis of research by the German Cancer Research Center found that the vapor emitted from e-cigarettes contained a comparable amount of harmful and potentially harmful constituents as ambient air. According to that same study, the FDA received only 42 reports of “adverse events” from e-cigarettes between 2008 and 2013. Compare that to the 97 reports the agency received related to just three types of soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew) in that same period.

[Image: FDA%20post%20chart.png]

I don’t expect the mountain of evidence showing the relative safety of e-cigs or the nor the many studies showing e-cigs are an effective means for smokers to reduce or quit smoking, will ever convince some anti-smoking advocates like Rep. Lowey of how reckless it would be to destroy the e-cigarette market. Luckily, Commissioner Gottlieb seems far more inclined to actually examine the evidence and make his decisions based on objective data before making policy decisions that could affect the lives of millions of Americans.

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  CuAIO and CuBox Quick Start
Posted by: Kermit - 06-08-2017, 09:52 AM - Forum: Video - Replies (1)

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  Do the survey to win FREE samples! Joyetech CuAIO/CuBOX kits Survey and Reward
Posted by: Anastasia Liu - 06-07-2017, 02:30 PM - Forum: Polls - Replies (38)

Dear all Joyetech fans,

We’ve just released the CuAIO D22 starter kit and CuBox with Cubis 2 atomizer kit.
We’re here having this survey for you. Hoping to hear from your ideas and suggestions.

Q1: How do you like SIZE of the two kits? What’s your ideal e-cig size?
The CuAIO and CuBox kits are really small and compact starter kits. We made it easier to master and more convenient to take out.

Q2: What do you think of the dual child proof system? Do you like its way for e-liquid filling ?

Q3: For mouth-to-lung inhale and direct-lung inhale, which one do you prefer?

Answer the questions above based on your vaping habits.
Invite your friends to join.

There’ll be TWO lucky fans to win the two starter kits!
Check the details of the CuAIO kit at http://www.joyetech.com/product/cuaio-d22/ and CuBox kit at http://www.joyetech.com/product/cubox-cubis-2/

[Image: 20170607.jpg]

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  Joyetech CuBox with CUBIS 2/CuAIO D22 Launching
Posted by: Anastasia Liu - 06-06-2017, 10:08 AM - Forum: Joyetech New Products - Replies (3)

Dear all,

We're glad to introduce you the new CuAIO D22 starter kit and CuBox with CUBIS 2 atomizer kit.

Being all-in-one style, the CuAIO D22 starter kit skillfully integrates a 1500mAh built-in battery and a atomizer into one solid unit. The CuBox is powered by an integrated 3000mAh battery and 2A quick charge. The CUBIS 2 atomizer comes with a precision top-fill and top airflow control. Being child-proof, close the airflow first and push and flip to open the top cap then you’re free to refill. Being child-proof, close the airflow first then you’re able to open the top cap to refill. Having the new ProC-BF series head, it provides a more restricted draw for mouth to lung vapers and a pretty soft flavorful clouds.

Click to learn more about the new CuBox with CUBIS 2 atomizer/CuAIO D22
Joyetech Group
June 06, 2017
[Image: cuboxcubis2_poster.jpg]

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