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  Espion Infinite upgrade
Posted by: CosmicTruth - 11-10-2018, 10:18 AM - Forum: Software - No Replies

LINK: VT Software to Upgrade Espion Infinite
Version 1.01 is now available, and the Special Firmware Updater will allow you to:

Switch Modes
Click the fire button 3 times in quick succession to enter the menu system. Click the fire button again and switch the modes by clicking “+”/“—” buttons. Click the fire button to confirm your setting.

Adjust LED Light
In the menu system, click “+”/“—” buttons to choose LED. Click the fire button each time to confirm your setting.
Select SWITCH > SCREEN (light on when display on) or VAPOR (light on when vaping) or ALWAYS (keep light on).
Select MODE to choose different light effect: MOON, FIRE, WHEELS, SPE3, SPE7, GLOW, MORPH, RANDOM.
Especially, when you choose MOON effect, you can select different color options or even DIY the color parameter.
Select BRIGHT to adjust the light brightness by clicking “+”/“—” buttons.
Still, you can change the light effect quickly while vaping. Simply click the fire button two times in quick succession to switch between different light effects.

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  Best and worse case scenarios for FDA new action plan (mid November)
Posted by: SmokinJoe23 - 11-09-2018, 06:06 AM - Forum: E-cigarette News and Regulations - No Replies

What Actions Could The FDA Take Against Vaping (And JUUL)?

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  ULTEX T80 with CUBIS Max
Posted by: bey1012 - 11-07-2018, 11:42 AM - Forum: Products Review - No Replies

ULTEX T80 with CUBIS Max
Colors: Matte Black, Silver, Gold, Sky Blue, Dazzling
Battery using: single high rate 18650 cell (CDR ≥ 25A)
E-liquid capacity: 5.0ml
Heater: Joyetech NCFilmTM heater (Kanthal 0.25ohm)
Screen: 0.49 inch OLED display
Output: 1-80W
Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TEMP/TCR mode
0.05-3.5ohm for POWER mode

This is one of the most versatile devices i have owned. i feel this is a mid level set up, and someone new may find it troublesome. i also really like the design, looks like a light-saber to me.
The NCFilmTM heater can be cleaned with cloth when flavor drops and re-use again. Thus it supports 3 months or more lifespan according to joyetechs experimental tests (Test condition: 60vg e-juice, 800 puffs per day, 40w). i use it at 35w with all kinds of e-juices and it has been about a month and still going strong. So as long as you wick and clean the coil, you get grate flavor and clouds. i have found the best way to clean the coil is to use rubbing alcohol. put the coil in a cup or whatever you have and pour the alcohol over it and let it sit till it evaporates. depending how bad the coil got may need to do it a few times.after it has evaporated i use a small flat head screw driver and scrap off anything that remains then rinse it off under some water, then dry it off. the kit comes with 2 so you can just rotate them out. The only down side on the tank is the 2 small screws that hold the the NCFilm down. they can be easily lost so using a magnet to hold them when cleaning helps.
i ran out of the small square cotton it comes with and started using my cotton bacon to wick the it. Its not that hard to do, just cut a pice off the size of the square on the disk. use e-juice to hold it in place and i used a small Flathead screwdriver to form it. takes some practice to put the right amount on. i have had no leaking witch is so nice, except when filling but that is more my fault then the tank.
The ULTEX T80 with CUBIS will not let you down, and if you would like a 3 month update please let me know.

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  Joyetech RunAbout pod system
Posted by: Liz (glizz) - 11-02-2018, 03:05 PM - Forum: Products Review - Replies (3)

[Image: VlhvAsK.jpg]
It's a pod simple pod system designed after a yacht. It’s a mouth-to-lung device.
A 480mAh battery with lots of safety protection built in. It weighs 77.5g and measures 117 x 30.5 x 15.5mm. It comes with a refillable pod attached and a second pod is included in
the package.
The fire button is easy to press with no shakes or rattles. Its very comfortable in the hand and with the 5 click off/5 click on it slips into any pocket for on the go.

[Image: C1KbjDK.jpg]
All the standards that you'll need / just buy your ejuice. Though designed to
Work best with salt liquids I had no issues with free base nic in both 50/50 and 70vg/30pg.

[Image: WTlGzv2.jpg]
I'm not sure what the body is made of but its some kind of metal, not plastic making it very durable.

[Image: jarZz4c.jpg]
The coil is built in to the pod and although refillable it will eventually become disposable.
Just open the stopper plug ,fill, and secure the plug again.
I haven't used mine long enough to know how long before you would have to throw it out.
But I do know that after almost 2 weeks of using it ,the flavour is as good as the first day.
I must add I've been using 2 pods with different juices so I couldn't really say I've used the
same pod the whole time.

[Image: hjErafM.jpg]
After filling just click it into the battery. There are 2 magnets that help keep it in place.
The fit is perfectly snug with no chance of falling out.

[Image: CoMv9rB.jpg]
It charges via usb cable and the indicator light will stay on when charging and go
out when its fully charged.
You have the option of several different indicator light colours.
The RunAbout is available in 6 different pattern choices.

The RunAbout is very simple and easy to use and quite stylish! No need to worry about
changing coils or setting screen menu's, making it great especially for beginners It
produces decent vapor for a MTL device and the flavour IMO is very good. The price range I've found is somewhere between $26 - $32 US .

Personally I don’t like the fact that I can't stand it up, and I'm not a fan of wide mouthpieces. I'm also not a fan of the dark smoky pod colour. I find them very difficult to see my juice level. But those are just personal preferences .

The only issue I really found was after filling I would get a mouthful of juice. After turning it upside down and shaking the excess juice out it vaped great until the next fill up. I'm not sure why it does this after filling because once I give it a couple of shakes it never happens any other time through the life of each refill.

I would surely recommend the RunAbout to anyone needing a stealthy vape or just wanting to make the switch from tobacco cigarettes with the simple tip about the flooding after filling/refilling.

For more information or tutorial's you can visit http://www.joyetech.com/product/runabout/

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  Runabout Review
Posted by: bluedodger - 10-31-2018, 06:35 PM - Forum: Products Review - Replies (2)

When I first saw the Joyetech Runabout, I fell in love. I love boats and yachts. And the Runabout really captures the nautical theme. I was also excited because Joyetech, in my opinion, is the pioneer for all in one vapes. Pod mods really are an extension of Joyetechs all in one designs from years ago. So I knew the Runabout would be something special. So I am all set for a Joyetech Runabout Review!

The Joyetech Runabout comes in very cool packaging. It comes in a a tube! The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the tube packaging was that the Runabout feels so nice and solid. It doesn't feel flimsy like you get from other brands. The pod slides in and out nicely and stays in firmly which is perfect. The pod itself has a tab that is easy to open even if you don't have fingernails! I like that because it is easy to fill.

After putting in the e-liquid, I like to wait at least five minutes before vaping. That way I know the wick will be saturated.

Then, it's time to start vaping! I get some of the best mouth to lung vaping I have ever had off of any pod system. It is an awesome vape with lots of vapor and flavor. The Runabout is so easy to use, too. I get good battery life and the device recharges very fast. This is my new every day pod vape.

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  Lets have some fun!
Posted by: Liz (glizz) - 10-27-2018, 10:01 AM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (6)

Its Halloween time!!! There's not much happening here.....Lets have some fun! Lets see some Halloween themed photos of your Joyetech products!

[Image: GGomyCY.jpg]

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  The ULTEX T80 with Cubis Max
Posted by: Liz (glizz) - 10-23-2018, 11:23 PM - Forum: Products Review - Replies (5)

[Image: kSVGGDA.jpg?1]

How gorgeous is this?!?!!! A regulated vape pen!!!
And talk about innovation ,with Joyetech's unique new concept of a
NCFilm*TM heater for a coil-less design.

[Image: Y2P2ecV.jpg]

You get all the standard stuff….
Your warranty card and instruction leaflets
Quick Charge usb cable
Spare glass
little blue screwdriver
Spare o-rings
Several pre-cut cotton pads
The ULTEX T80 (battery NOT included)
The CUBIS Max atomizer (NCFilm heater installed) and a spare

[Image: jislX6o.jpg]
Its available in these colours (this ? taken from Joyetech website)
[Image: jx3pnZQ.jpg]
The ULTEX T80 is mechanical style mod with a maximum wattage output of 80watts with a
nice 0.49 inch OLED display screen. It has dual circuit protection, as well as timeout, over-charging and short circuit protections.  It comes accompanied by the CUBIS Max tank/atomizer
It measures 28mm x 138.5mm and weighs 163 g without the battery.
[Image: 9kmYxWg.jpg]
It uses a single high rate 18650 battery  and it has 2Amp quick charge via usb .(You can see the vent holes in the bottom cap)
The ULTEX is designed to handle a resistance range of 0.05-3.5ohm ,depending on the mode
(power//bypass//temp-NI-TI-SS //TCR)
[Image: JrbIP5Y.jpg]
The Cubis Max has a 5ml capacity with 510 connection and is 'push to open' top fill. It has 2 large adjustable TOP air-flow slots making it leakproof . The mouth piece is a standard 510 fit allowing you to use your favorite tip! (especially if you have a driptip addiction like me ? )

[Image: smWWLdU.jpg]
And here it is!!! The "Innovative Joyetech NCFilm*TM heater" made of Kanthal and provides a large heating area. Its designed to last approximately 3 months with the recommended setting of around 40 watts. It is said to be 0.25 ohms.
There are 2 large slots to allow the juice to reach the cotton so you never have to worry about dry hits .
To clean it you can simply wipe with a dry cloth or if necessary remove it and run it under some warm water ,then wipe. Its highly recommended that you never dry-burn it ! Warm water worked great for me though it really wasn't necessary. I just wanted to get the underside too so I removed it. A dry cloth worked great too!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=38&v=ujqAkoRBBEM  (from Joyetech's YouTube channel)

[Image: XNxxvJ0.jpg]
and changing your cotton is so simple!!!It comes with about 10 pre-cut pieces but when they are gone simply cut to the size of the set in rectangle ,lay it in said rectangle, add a few drops of juice, place it in position matching the notch (see arrows) then secure it by attaching the bottom ring over the base.
That’s it!
Fill'er up ,attach it to your ULTEX and 'vape on'
[Image: h07JsGZ.jpg?1]

My thoughts on this beauty....
I did find a couple of issues…. I get a bit of leakage around the fill hole seeping out, nothing major but I believe if Joyetech added a silicone plug with a slit in it ,that would fix it. Also being a chain vaper, I found the surface of the mod to get very hot, and checked the battery and it was hot too.I thought maybe it was my batteries so got some new ones,same thing. So I learned to not use it to chain-vape. And although the NCF is supposed to be .25 I found mine reading mostly 0.27 but up to 0.34.Battery life could be a bit better ,just be sure you have a couple extra's with you.

But overall, other than a few small tweaks, it is an amazing device! Its very beautifully designed. Its solid as solid can be! It's very comfortable in the hand. It's very simple to operate. It has great flavour. It has amazing vapour production. I found it worked best at 35 watts, and vaping this at 35 watts I get every bit as much vapour and flavour as I do from my other mods that I  vape at 50-60watts. I love the fact that its so simple to change the cotton that you can change it for a new flavour every tank full if you so choose! Never ever a dry hit. No spit back. It's reasonably quiet. I also love the fact that by holding the up and down buttons I can lock the power from changing but still vape! That's extremely useful to someone like me who has ''mod in hand'' no matter what I'm doing. It's also firmware upgradeable.

For more info go to http://www.joyetech.com/product/ultex-t80-cubis-max/
And if you cant find it locally you can always go to Joyetech's new online store…..

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信息 Joyetech Ultex T80, Cubis MAX & NC Film Heater
Posted by: Ippolit - 10-09-2018, 07:35 PM - Forum: Products Review - Replies (13)

Joyetech Ultex T80, Cubis MAX & NC Film Heater

Review by Ippolit

Joyetech provided me with the device, but I always give a realistic review, usually after a week of daily use. I normally use an identical well known premium e-liquid for all my reviews, it’s high VG and uses organic fruit flavourings with complex flavour notes, I know how it tastes in many devices and with varied settings, in that way I can judge how good a device is at releasing subtle flavours.

The Ultex T80 is a tube style device with a difference. Joyetech have always been innovators, they invented the now ubiquitous 510 battery connection system and more recently the no coil Riftcore tank and a NotchCore coil system that actually works.

[Image: JY8e1Y1.jpg]

On top of the Ultex sits the 5ml Cubis Max tank, therein lies the latest innovation, the 0.25 Ohm NCFilm heater (On my screen it showed as 0.36 Ohm after filling). It’s a completely flat, replaceable heater made with Kanthal.  Joyetech claim a 3 month life for the NCFilm, there’s a spare provided in the kit, with spare screws and a tiny screwdriver, seals and a tank glass too.

[Image: DGNwbhi.jpg]

[Image: ehgVs4g.jpg]  

That’s not all, the Cubis Max features a top airflow design and a well thought out wicking system utilising a very easily replaced cotton pad which is at the very base of the tank, more on how effective this is later on.

The tubular design is fashionable at the moment, Joyetech have succeeded in creating an elegant device without including any of those, to my taste, overdone embellishments of some other manufacturers, I don’t want a skull and crossbones on my vape thanks! I received the Sky Blue version, you can also obtain Matte Black, Gold, Silver or Dazzling.

[Image: v4w88Jf.jpg]

The Ultex uses a single standard, replaceable 18650 cell that fits into the bottom of the device, with a screw on bottom cap. A battery was not provided with the kit I received.

[Image: uPqtsUh.jpg]

This powers the Ultex up to 80W, but going by my experience you won’t want or need to go anywhere near that much power. There’s a mini usb socket for 2A fast charge too.

The very positive click fire button is near the top and is LED illuminated when firing, below that are two smaller menu navigation buttons, near the bottom is a very sharp and clear 0.49 inch monochrome OLED display.

Remarkably, the Ultex has a wide range of modes available via the menu system. I’m fundamentally a Power mode vaper, but here there are modes for Temperature Control (TC) too, with Wattage, Bypass, Temp NI, temp SS, TCR M1/M2/M3 and preheat all being available. You can also choose to display puffs, vape time, volts, watts or temperature and battery level. There is a settings lock function accessible by simultaneous pressing of the two menu navigation buttons.

[Image: mg0MtRg.jpg]

There are of course multiple protection systems built in including overcharge, over discharge, reverse polarity and short circuit.

In use.

After spending months with the Riftcore and Notchcore as my go to daily devices I wasn’t expecting that anything new would seduce me away from their simplicity and power, but after 3 weeks of using the Ultex I have to say that it’s my new daily.


It’s powerful - Joyetech recommend using between 35 and 45W, with a best of 40W. I initially set the Ultex up at 45W and was staggered by the volume of vapour, too much for me! I have now settled at 30 - 35W, with the air vents at around 75% open for a perfect DTL vape, the 80% VG liquid I use for testing works well for me at that rating. It’s also near silent in operation, only the sound of air moving when puffing, no bubbling, no sizzling, no pops - zero.

It produces great flavour - the test liquid has complex notes of coconut, blackcurrant and pineapple. My RiftCore seems to bring out the  blackcurrant, the Ultex has the pineapple to the front, but the coconut is more forward with a mix of blackcurrant and pineapple on the exhale, interesting! A very satisfying vape indeed.

It’s easy to rewick - there are a few cotton pads provided as spares, but I like to use my own organic cotton pads which were easy enough to cut to size. Remove the tank from it’s 510 connector, unscrew the base section and then pull the 510 screw thread which detaches the bottom plate, the inside of this plate is ceramic and has a rectangular cutout where you place the fresh cotton pad.

[Image: F7lZ2m8.jpg]

[Image: wT6lzy9.jpg]

Carefully clean the film heater with a lint free cloth, I found that any gunk comes off easily.

Prime the new cotton with a few drops of liquid and push the plate back into the bottom of the tank, look for the notch that keys it into the bottom of the tank in the correct position. Screw the base back into position firmly and replace the tank onto the 510 battery unit.

[Image: HdmZslO.jpg]

Refilling is easy - the now standard slide top fill system is fitted on the Ultex, a clear arrow symbol indicates where to push to open the cap for filling. I did notice that the hole is slightly smaller than most other Joyetech tanks and the dropper of my test liquid bottle was a little too large to fit, so a wipe was required to clean up. Close the fill cap and leave it to wick the liquid for 5 minutes.

It’s ready to go!


A huge volume of cloud and great flavour, easy & economical re-wicking and simple operation, substantial tank, near silent, absolutely no leaking with that top air-flow system and great looking!

The only negative that I felt needed mentioning is that slightly too small fill hole.

Joyetech have done it again, innovation with great looks and functionality.

More details here -  ULTEX T80 at joyetech.com

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  Ultex T80 & Cubis Max - NC Film heater
Posted by: Ippolit - 10-06-2018, 03:13 PM - Forum: Specific Products Discussion - Replies (1)


Ultex T80 & Cubis Max with NC Film heater

Discussion & questions for this device in this thread.

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  Coils For Nicotine Salts
Posted by: Pita - 09-30-2018, 05:54 PM - Forum: CUBIS Series - Replies (5)

Hi All

Can I use the Cubis pro atomizer for Nicotine salts base liquid?
What is (if any) the best coil for it?
What is the recommended Wattage for nicotine salts mtl use?

Thank you all in advance.


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