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Full Version: joytech e-juices i would die for :)
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I am having some problems with liquids from other companies that really disappointed me. Here are some flavors I would looove to buy:

1. Woodruff
All woodruff liquids I found so far are sweet. I would love to get one which just tastes fresh.

2. Green Apple
Okay, Joyetech got an apple liquid, but it reminds me more of juice than of of a fresh, shortly pick apple. Nevertheless, joyetech apple is my favorite flavor so far. But it would be awesome to add a "green/fresh (not menthol) apple" liquid.

3. Cranberry
It is hard to find a fresh cranberry liuquid. Most of them are too sweet for an allday liquid. Would be so nice.

4. "Sprite"
Some liquids (I found one with raspberry flavor) leave a nice sparkling liquid on the tongue. Cola liquids do the same sometimes, but with lemon flavour I could not find one yet.

These are four little individual thoughts from me.
So far, I like joyetech apple very much, strawberry, menthol and grape are awesome too. Hope they keep this level up...

...and add a real good woodruff flavor *smile*
Hmmmm...try to google this : Galium odoratum