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Full Version: 【Mar.18】Another winner?
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Welcome to the last winner of Colorful eGo ONE, Colorful Life :  Patti Boyce !

Congratulations! Thanks for everyone!

Another winner? YES! This game remains to Mar.18th.

Congratulations, Sandi, You have won our "Black Delta 2" Launching game, and you can receive our "Black delta 2".

Hurry up! Give me your shipping information, prizes coming!

Are there anyone haven't gain our giveaway? Come on, stay with us, we have a only rule : "The more comments you publish, the more opportunities you will have"!
Congrats Patti. Nice win眨眼
Grats to the two winners
Grats guys.
Congratulations to the winners!!!
Congratulations 微笑
Wow! Congrats 微笑
Congrats Sandi眨眼
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