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Full Version: 1.4 ohm dual coils for eCom
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as we all know
less ohm give more smoke
but when i have to decide which coil version is better for my eCom surpreme
then it's the dual coil with 1.6 ohm instead the 1.4 ohm triple coil
i tested them but it's a complete different feeling with it
it's like the hole is stucked with toilette paper
and the smoke isn't that intense as i expected

funny thing
from time to time i have a dual coil what have 1.4 ohm too
i don't know if it's a "production fail" or just material variance
but that coils are just amazing and i try to keep them as long as possible
the smoke is full and the taste is better as with 1.6 ohm

i don't know if i'm just the only one with that feeling
but a dual coil with 1.4 ohm would be just great
sure with 1.6 ohm i could set up the voltage to get the watts but then it has a burned taste

just an idea 微笑