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Full Version: Elitar Pipe. Three days of use
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Already a couple of months a new device from Joyetech was announcement.
The friend immediately became interested. I reacted quite cool. Appearance, of course, immediately liked. But very confused volume of the tank. Only 2 ml. So he ordered at once, but I decided to wait and think.
But. Friend still waiting order. And I have the first impressions already!
As a result of the contest me was awarded wonderful device!

A few days from the receipt of the prize - Elitar Pipe, and I am ready to share the first conscious impressions.
General in-first.
Yes. Very impressive appearance. Classic! Very well done. This classic pipe and clear signs of High-tech!
Colors. Personally, I was impressed by three. Classical black and white and imitation wood. Therefore, the resulting white I have absolutely satisfied in terms of aesthetics.
Functional classic for Joyetech products. Nothing extra. Everything is familiar and very convenient.
And now the main thing. Tank. Atomizer.
I was surprised that it really does not leak. This is a serious plus in principle, and for the form factor handset all the more.
Atomizer capacity will appreciate the fans of the classic pipe. Yes. Only 2 ml. But this is the amount that allows you to experience it from the classic tobacco pipes. Filled. Raising. And have fun in well-familiar period. All. Or re-fills or go things to do.
The main thing for me - taste. I can not understand the reason, but really floats very well. Coil replacement likes and similar customary me Cubis atomazer, but the taste is really deeper and richer! So much so that until the charging time fashion Elitar Pipe continue to soar and my favorite fashion E-VIc VTwo!
Summary. My recommendations!
Enjoy the elitar pipe. Got a larger tank on mine. Vapes beautifully in style.

[Image: IMG_20170509_113821_zpswl7m5zt7.jpg]