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Full Version: Egrip II (putting a tank on with adapter)
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So I recently bought an egrip II and I loved it. Had an atomizer from the box that worked great with my VG liquid. The rest of the coils bottom feed and suck. My local store only carried the bottom fed atomizers. So I bought an Aspire Cleito. It already had a coil installed. It was amazing. Thanks to Joyetech for including the adapter in the kit!

But sadly I have another problem now. After installing the new coil my airflow feels different. I guess you can compare it to trying to suck a thick milkshake through a straw. The 'vent' airflow controller is fully open.
Can anyone help me troubleshoot?

I wondered if I needed to reset the egrip II for the new atomizer.
I did as the manual said and pressed the fire button with the tank off. Manual said I should have gotten the choice of new atomizer or same atomizer. I didn't.
My current resistance is .23
I'm pretty sure it was .53 before
I've wiped the connecters with cotton (no water)
Hopefully my connection hasn't messed up this quickly.
Like juice accidentally getting in between and such.
I miss my pink kangertech. But it had leaking and juice got in and messed up the 'connecters' at least it gave me a great 6 months.
My experience with vaping has been frustrating since then. Like I'm just full of bad luck with these amazing machines.
Help? Hopefully someone took the time to read this.
My guess is your problem is with the Cleito not the Egrip
the adapter should not affect the airflow just current. If you have another device or you can borrow one use the same settings & try it see if the airflow changes
no atomizers will have the same airflow
Also the Cleito comes with a 0.2 Ohm & a .04Ohm coil
so if you have the 0.2 coil in it the resistance @ 0.23 would be correct