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Full Version: Egrip II Help? Coils
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I've been having trouble out of my egrip II.
My first coil, which I was told was rebuildable, worked great and lasted over a week. The others that came in the box burned out quickly. After priming and letting sit for ten minutes they gave me a dry burn.
I went to my local vape shop and bought more coils and had the very experienced owner prime my coil. It worked fine. For a day. This morning it started the same thing.
My wattage is at 19. I don't believe this is high seeing as the coil says 15-30.
I've also tried thinner liquids thinking the wick was just not soaking it up.
What is wrong here?
It's starting to feel like a money pit.
My former vaporizer I had no trouble like this.
Thank you