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Full Version: Egrip 2... SO confused right now!
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I've read the manual and watched a bunch of YouTube videos and i'm so confused! I've ditched my MudderEGO as it wasn't satisfying (i needed a bigger hit) and the reviews of the eGrip2 sold me...

So i'm an MTL. I use 50/50 12mg, with the 1.5ohm coil. The one that came with the kit lasted about a week. I didn't have any spares, so i tried the rebuildable BF, coil whilst the 1.5ohms were on order (same as came with the kit). I have those now.

The BF registered on the eGrip at 0.2ohm, and it was a harsh hit, not much vape so i gave up on it and popped a primed Clapton. Left it to soak, after trying to get the eGrip to recognise the new coil by firing it without the coil in. It registered no coil, but it still is showing as 0.2ohm when it's in... That's the right procedure for a larger ohm'd coil right??

At 30w (10Amps) the thing is spitting hot juice into my mouth, not much cloud, but the vapour is too warm.
at 20w (8Amos) i'm getting more cloud, less temperature (good) but its still spitting at me.

I've had a look at the coil - i replaced it 7 hrs ago... and it's getting black already.

I clearly have no clue what i am doing here... what settings i should have, and for that matter the strength of the liquid, reading a previous post 6mg was the advice... but really? i was a 20 a day man!!!

Can someone please help??

(thanks in advance! 微笑 )