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Full Version: eCom experience so far
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The very first e-cig i bought was an ecom 650 mAh Starter Set Double. I really was surprised how tasty it was and the steam output really beats every tobacco cigarette easily. Even though, the liquid in the tank really lasts quite a while, so that I really enjoyed the ecom experience so far and I think that it is quite an awesome set to start with.
Nevertheless, one of the ecom suffering some problems by now. Liquid get into the Drip Tip and the air flow hole at the side. I have to clean it completely every 2 days, then it works for about 48 hours. The other ecom works perfectly on the other hand. So I guess i just got a "monday product" 微笑

Now i am hoping that there will be a very strong battery above 2000 mAh soon. Because that clearomizer really deserves a good performance.
i stuck very long on a small eGo with a wick vaporizer
i tested also one with a coil but i wasn't very happy about it
had the same problem
it leaked at every side and after a day under the mouthpiece was a sea of liquid

i was just bored about e-cigarettes and quite before quitting
but then i try'd the eCom mega
damn, what an experience óuò
the liquid never tasted that good ^^
and even the mega is mega ;p
i bought the eCom surpreme three weeks later

sadly i'm still with normal cigarettes
but the 3.5ml is also empty at the end of the day :3

i'm now excited about the ego one
from the images the tank should fit on the surpreme battery
maybe there is a way to modify the tank itself 眨眼
Do not feel bad about still smoking, it may take a bit to avoid them totally. Even if it will not work...just count the cigarettes You avoided instead of counting those You still smoke 微笑
The ecom leaking issue is totally fixed by now. Mine work both perfectly since a week. No idea if my draw is just better or if it is just magic...微笑
maybe your coil was not tight
sometimes it turn out when you refill
at least i had this with the triple coils quite every time

because of counting
the supreme has this really neat display
and i can calculate with it
at the moment
12600 puffs
15 per cigarette equals 840 cigarettes
20 per pack are 42 packages
5€ per pack
saved 210€ meanwhile ^^
Either it has been the coil or the rubber leak protection beneath the drip idea. 微笑

Most important to me it is working perfectly by now.
that's true 微笑
What I really like about the ecom is it is making no troubles anymore, even the coil lasts a bunch of time. Mine is 4 weeks old, using it a lot does not seem to make any harm.
If this performance keeps up a bit I will have to buy half a dozen of them. Just to make sure that I got a significant amount of excellent working devices backing my day 微笑