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Full Version: Joyetech Grape - big love!
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It's been more than 3 years since my wife vapes exclusively Joyetech Grape 11mg. I tried to make her vape dozens of other juices (including DIY) and nothing...

You surely have one very stubborn fan! 大咧嘴

[Image: BCjCgDZ.jpg]
Ive haven't tried the joytechs grape yet, but does sound pretty good right now ?
Grape, Strawberry and Apple are the three liquids You really should give a try. They are awesome!
wow i loveeee fruity flav and usamix or marlboro. how about a ejuice giveaway Joyetech? i wanna try your ejuices but cant afford to buy, cant find your ejuices in here. i heard read some great ejuice reviews of your juices.
How about any desserts flavors?
I have heard great things about icy strawberry
Another vote for e-liquid giveaway(s)! I'm in the same situation as r.albert and would really like to give Joyetech's liquids a try.
Strawberry is great !
I love the fruits also. Funny, I've never tried a grape yet.