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What does everybody vape in there Joyetech Products ?
I vape Raspberry Lemonade, Red Astaire, Orangeade and Grinch in each Egrip i have .So i'm a very happy chappie.
I have 3 juices that I tend to vape all day long. #1 is Kings Cream from DSV Creations. #2 is Bluchie from Evaperated and #3 is Patient Zero from Evaperated. I switch it up to other flavours once in awhile but those are the main 3 I stick with and always have on hand.
anything desserty for me
I am on a Sicboy kick.
I love Pitbull vape juice...Fraggled ,it's so good!
Usually fruit, candy or custard flavors
Now, I'm using some DIY juices: fruity ones (strawberry cream, berries lemonade, minty grapes), custard and some menthol tobacco
I vape alot of fruity flavors, raspberry, strawberry, dragonfruit. Just found a new peach and nectrine mix that is delicious! Actually vaping the peaches in my delta 2 right now! ?
I vape whatever my taste buds are in the mood for. Usually the least expensive/cheapest liquids Made in the USA!
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