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Full Version: Joyetech ESPION Solo honest review.
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Joyetech reigns on the electronic cigarettes market for a decade already and celebrate this event on a grand scale, advancing their technologies at maximum speed. In this context, ESPION Solo has a special value, because it not only carefully holds the legacy of single-battery Joyetech models, but also raises it to a completely new height.

Joyetech ESPION Solo operates using a single 21700 battery (or 18650 battery via a special "sleeve" from the kit). The complete kit includes a 21700 battery, a spare ProCA 0.4 Ω coil (the same one is coming pre-installed), as well as an USB cable with the support for fast charging, manuals and some spare parts. The model is equipped with the 1.3 inch touch screen with a resolution of 64 by 128 pixels. Solo supports fast charging with currents up to 2A, capable of delivering power up to 80 watts and has all the necessary protections and modes, including bypass. The minimum supported resistance is 0.05 Ω in TC modes and 0.1 Ω in VW.
The device is 132 and a half in height, 39.5 in length and 25.5 millimeters in width, making him almost identical in size with his predecessors and competitors. But the device weight with the installed battery is about 240 grams (176 grams without an atomizer) - this is the payment for the increased work time.

[Image: HwN6Qxx2qWw.jpg]

It was a warm spring day, I was reading Robinson Crusoe and Daniel Defoe's novel got me completely captivated. The silence was continually disturbed by the ticking of massive wall clock. Faithful Joyetech ESPION was peacefully resting on the charge, blinking the battery indicator with all his might and drawing my attention. The question began to itch in my head - what kind of electronic cigarette would be irreplaceable, if I suddenly was left on an uninhabited island? Brushing aside all sorts of stupid ideas like solar batteries, the condensation of liquid directly from the moist tropical air and the built-in mosquito repeller, the question evolved into a more urgent one: what device is going to be so compact, that it would fit my summer shorts pockets without any problems? ESPION once again blinked his indicator. “Two batteries on the usual walk were somehow too much,” I concluded for myself. And then some blurry ginger spot got my attention, because it was sweeping towards my work table with loud noise.

The spot became more visible and slowed down its movements, gradually materializing into an usual red cat. He walked slowly past and pointedly hit me with his tail, them jumped on the table and sat down in front of the white-blue box, yawning in the process. The cat and the box clashed in a merciless game of glances, the loser in which was destined a terrible fate - to be thrown off the table. The loser was, of course, determined by the cat, because of the two players he was the only more or less intelligent. The victim had fallen on the parquet boards with a blunt noise, and the winner, with the speed of the Police interceptor, ran away into the endless labyrinths of the
I got up and examined the fallen box, the corner of which was slightly tucked to one side and the inscription "Solo" was seen clearly.
[Image: hvAODl-rNxI.jpg]

So our first meeting took place. From the depths of the postal package, several smaller boxes with the image of ESPION Solo appeared. On their backs there was a color description - black, gunmetal, dazzling and pink (more like peach or even salmon, in fact). Inside, the entire package was neatly laid out on the "shelves". Each device carried a rechargeable battery of 21700 format with a sticker on the contact that had to be removed, and underneath the holding case there was an atomizer, a spare coil and a box with all kinds of spare parts. All the manuals were carefully laid between these layers, like a tomato slice in some epic burger.

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at this device is how sturdy and reliable it is. Battery door this time is being held by magnets located on each side of the body. Fire button is engraved with “Limited Edition” with some very nice precision, other button (called Fn) and USB port are located under the display. Everything is controlled by a bright and very responsive touchscreen here: swipe left – you will see some info, swipe right – menu access, touch the top or bottom edge of the screen – adjust the wattage. The Fn button is responsible for blocking the screen, in order to avoid spontaneous triggering. All confirming actions in the menu are performed by swiping backwards, don't press any buttons as it will return Solo to the main menu without saving the settings. A bit strange looking clock acts as a screen-saver, unfortunately, their appearance can not be changed for now. But hold the Fire button while the device is off and you will see a slightly more convenient clock.
Regarding the functional, there are no surprises – 80 watts and all possible modes are right on the spot, but with the weighty bonus work time from 21700 battery. Device supports fast charging, it will bring Solo back to action in no time.
[Image: T9RokG8U1_I.jpg]

ProCore Air atomizer is a work of art. Joyetech got rid of the old refilling system with the lock, freeing the road to a wonderful sliding cover. Without the possibility of changing the volume, Air became more leakproof, although I have never seen the older versions leaking as they were. Acrylic snake skin mouthpiece can be black, white or hot pink, depending on the color of the device. The ProCA coil is the first (it is hoped that it will be not the last one) from the updated ProC series, it optimally works on 55-65 watts and produces just a phenomenal amount of taste and vapor. A wide range of airflow control is a bonus. If anyone is going to look for the most delicious DL atomizer – you need to give ProCore Air a try. For all the fans of MTL it is possible to separately purchase an EXCEED Air atomizer, which will match ESPION Solo in color.

But it's time to return to the summer question. I immensely love the ESPION line, but the design of Solo is still completely dependent on the tastes of a particular individual and can seem both immensely attractive, or not at all noteworthy. The technical execution of the model is as high as it possibly can be. The dimensions do not differ much from the brethren, despite the use of a much larger battery. But the weight can be too much for someone. It's pointless to discuss the price - for this money you will get maximum quality, beautiful from all sides and even somewhat unique device.

Thank you all for the time devoted to reading my review, not too many photos this time, as soon as I will make some good shots, I'll add them.
Fabulous review, love the narrative! I couldn't agree more about the Solo - my Primo Mini is still on the shelf looking lonely, the Solo is now my daily.