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Full Version: Winners of 10 CUBIS Giveaway!!!
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Hey guys,

We're glad to announce the Winners of the CUBIS Giveaway on Joyetech Social today.

Here's the name list:
   Laslo Fienstein,

Congrates!  微笑
Thanks for your time and involvement.

Please send your mailing address (Name/Phone number/Detailed address) to before Friday.
Also, any questions or suggestions you may contact me via PM or email, I'll get to you ASAP.

[Image: cubis_winners.jpg]
Many thanks Joyetech !!! 微笑
Congratulations Winners!
Congrats to all the lucky winners!
whee!!! Unbelievable! Thank you Joyetech! Can't wait to try it
P.S. sent my mailing adress via this forum email. this is enough?
WOW thanks Joyetech and Kermit!!!
Cant wait to try this awesome looking tank!!!

Thanks a lot joyetech! It was perfect timing. And very much needed! Can't wait to purchase a cuboid from you guys!!
really good luck guys!
Congratulation to all winner !!
Much thanks Joyetech and Kermit. It's the first thing I've ever won.
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