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Full Version: Can i use the Delta 2 in other platform?
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Can i use the "Delta 2" in other platform as long as the wattage is ranging from 20 Watts to 45 Watts?
Hi, my dear friend, thanks for your concern about "Delta 2", and indeed, the "Delta 2" can be used on a wide range of wattage from 20W to 45W, however, the device also need the suitable battery and suitable platform, it's a complex system.
So, kindly suggest if you can show your configuration and our engineer will make suggestions to you!
The delta 2 is amazing!! By far my favorite tank,.take it with me everywhere!! Juice control is an amazing feature!
Can it work with ego one? Is it the same diameter?
Of course, ego one could match the delta 2.
I thought the delta 2 could be run from 25-50wts?
(03-04-2015, 06:08 PM)avibat Wrote: [ -> ]Can it work with ego one? Is it the same diameter?
It can work but it is not the same diameter.
i use my Delta II on my Sigelei 150watt and my Aspire CF Subohm and it works great, occasionally i will put it on my mech works great on everything i have used it on so far