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Full Version: Do you have any tattoos?
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Hey guys, Do you have any tattoos?
Sometimes your tattoo with your e-cig will have something special and unique effect.
Show your tattoos with Joyetch on comments right now.
Or you can tell us the story about your tattoos.

[Image: 170831.jpg]
I don't have any. I wanted to do some, but my family is against it, and I work in retail - rules are that if you have any tattoos - they must be concealed and clients must not see them.
I have 2 tattoos 大咧嘴 one on my left arm I got when I was in the army and the one on my right arm is a monkey Its my daughter's Chinese Zodiac 舌
Nope no tattoos but thinking of getting a gecko ? in the next couple of weeks 微笑