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Full Version: What's in the next?
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What's in the next?
Imagine it. 眨眼
Is there going to be a rebuildable tank 大咧嘴 that post design looks interesting
Alright, you got me with this teaser. Is it an RDA, an RTA, maybe both? Like bey said, interesting post design.
My guess is an RBA for the Aries?
Well it's about time they make a rebuildable 大咧嘴
Bang, here's the big boy ☞
One kit for all.
[Image: ProCore_Remix_01.png]
This would be perfect for me it has every thing I like all in one
Kermit, what is the biggest diameter coil that can fit in the RDA?
(06-20-2017, 11:13 AM)Kermit Wrote: [ -> ]Bang, here's the big boy ☞
One kit for all.

Extremely innovative, Is this a first 4 in one type kit?
youtube has more pics of this revolutionary device...
I might want to buy extra bases